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  • As described in tons of other posts, I can’t upload new files coming from my Linux with Firefox or Chromium. Nor can my wife from her Mac with Firefox. WP is on my hosted webspace @domainfactory.

    Using the fancy uploader, upload stalls right after the beginning showing only the grey progress bar which does not fill. If I reload the site, it shows “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.” for a second in red. Once it also showed “crunching”, but only in one of about a hundred (no joke) tries.
    Basic uploader just connects to the page for all evening.

    I tried deactivating all plugins, removing plugin folder, swearing, downgrade to 6.1 (iirc, the problem first occured at 3.6.1 and I upgraded to 3.7 later), php 5.4.x instead of 5.3.x, swearing a bit more, checking all php.ini stuff as in here, using my theme (a slightly changed WP ’10), using default themes, uploading other images, uploading audio files, tweaking upload folder permissions, swearing to every god I know, enabling logging (no log messages coming during upload and no relevant others before [I’m a php guy, I hope I can tell]), checking for file space, and surely a bit of other things including swearing.

    What could I do? Is there no way that always works? I mean, I even exchanged all wordpress files back and forth, so it can only be stuck at some database stuff? Or what could I be missing?

    I don’t mind radical resolutions, as long as it’s working and I don’t have to invest hours over hours.

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  • last try…

    Can you upload images from some browsers but not others?

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    Can you upload from the Media -> Add New screen? If the drag/drop doesn’t work, try switching to the “browser uploader” which is a basic input type=”file” form field.

    If that doesn’t work, it is a server problem, perhaps contact the hosting company and ask them to investigate.

    If only that works, most likely there is a JS error somewhere. Look in the browser console and paste any errors in a comment here.

    Chromium and Firefox under Linux and Safari + Firefox under Mac are all affected.
    Both uploaders don’t work, neither from new post nor from new media.

    With new WP 3.7.1 under new media, the progress bar once went to 96%. In all other cases it stalled right at the initial 4%. I’ll have a look at my hosters support forum..

    @dadnal, You aren’t alone. I have over 100 websites running WP 6.1 through WP 7.1… Every single website is getting this same error, even fresh installs without plugins. The complaints are filling my email inbox daily. I’ve modified my server settings, .htaccess, still no luck. I don’t know what WP did during the last few updates but it seems that they rushed these updates out too soon without proper testing.

    Actually looking at other CMS systems now. It would literally take me a year to migrate all of the websites to another CMS, so I’m really hoping that WP steps in a resolves this issue. It’s a severe problem that is going to discourage their users and push people to consider other O.S. CMS.

    Please post any status updates or fixes if you find them. In the meantime, I’m looking at other options for my clients. They are all extremely unhappy since the WP 6.1 update…

    @native Imaging – If you’d like help figuring out your particular issue, please start your own thread rather than posting in someone else’s thread as per:

    That way you’ll get help with your specific situation and avoid confusion and problems that often result when trying to have multiple conversations in the same thread.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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