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  • It has also stopped working for me. Says it is sent, but doesn’t send. I don’t know if this is since the upgrade or what.

    Not true. I have CF7 on a WP 3.6 based site. Just tested it and it works 100%.

    Not saying you don’t have a problem with your configuration, but the problem is not because of CF7 running on WP 3.6

    We always get a number of similar comments in this forum after each WordPress upgrade. It might seem an obvious conclusion but nevertheless it’s typically incorrect.

    I updated to WordPress 3.6 on a number of sites and CF7 continues to work flawlessly.

    Upgrading to the latest CF7 and/or WP version is unlikely to be an issue unless this resulted in some specific problems with your install.

    I am having problems with my specific install. I am trying to trace the problems, but I thought I’d post what I’ve found so far here so that it may help others.

    WordPress 3.6 upgraded by jQuery to 1.10.2, when I downgrade it back to jQuery 1.8.3 I have no problems.

    The jquery form plugin (in Firefox 23.0.1) passes a complex form DOM component as the “method”. The plugin then attempts to convert this to upper case using toUpperCase. Because this is not a string, it fails.

    In safari (7.0) ‘undefined’ is passed as the method which also doesn’t allow a toUpperCase() to be run on it.

    When bypassing this function, It further passes components up to the jQuery root but not as strings which causes further breaks.

    Again, putting jQuery 1.8.3 back in place seems to fix all issues related to Contact Form 7. However, I still have to see if that breaks anything anywhere else in the 3.6 install.

    Thanks for replies!

    I stil haven’t found whats causing the bug.
    Just installed a clean test web page and still red error is brightening the layout 🙂

    Could this be a server problem somehow?

    My sites with wp 3.6 (newest) does not work with CF7 (any version).
    Says it is sent, but doesn’t send.
    Other plugins can email usually as a plugin to backup BD, recover password, newsletter registration, this leads me to believe that it is not about server problems or installation of wordpress.
    I tried also to change the jquery 1.8.3 but still did not work. : (
    Someone knows I might be happening?

    I would discount NOTHING! I recently had a problem with the Upcoming Events view and after much head bashing, cussing and thinking about trying to fix the problem with a hammer, it turned out to be a problem with my satellite modem! The Hughes tech I talked to did a remote reset and fixed the problem.

    There is actually a bug in the 3.6 release that causes Contact-7 forms to fail to be emailed – but it only affects those hosts using the Qmail based email systems. It appears that WordPress used a few month old version of class-phpmailer.php one where a bug had been introduced for Qmail based email systems, the Authors of phpmailer.php had already issued an update for the file but WordPress issued the 3.6 upgrade with class-phpmailer.php version 3.5.4 (version 3.5.5 had already been fixed). In any event they are now aware of the issue and have already indicated that a more current version of class-phpmailer.php (one that is fixed for Qmail) will be included when WordPress 3.7 is released.

    Meanwhile, If you go to this link:
    And copy the actual file contents starting with:
    /*~ class.phpmailer.php

    Then replace the contents of your wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php with the code from the above file, that should correct the issue if related to the Qmail bug. NOTICE!!! the name of the file is class(dash)phpmailer.php, not (dot) as it appears in the second line comment of the source.

    Editing the file “wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php” as mentioned above but unfortunately it did not work, I still have the same problem.
    Says it is sent, but doesn’t send.
    Anyone have another solution?

    Welp, this issue makes companies lose business, so I’m going to have to switch contact forms until this is fixed (or for good, I don’t know). I really like Contact Form 7, don’t mind donating to it, etc. But I’m dealing with some angry customers right now 🙂

    Also to note, this happened to all of our sites at once right after we upgraded. It wasn’t just one site that we maintained, it was all of them.

    The big question is — are all the failing sites hosted with the same company? I have a dozen sites that are running the latest WordPress and Contact-7 releases with no problems whatsoever.

    The only ones that failed were hosted on servers that use the Qmail email system, as many hosting companies do… In every one of those cases, updating the class-phpmailer.php file to the version that will be included in WordPress 3.7 solved the problem. If problems still persist, it’s most likely a plugin or template problem involving misuse of the current jQuery library installed by WordPress 3.6.

    Contact-7 is not at fault. Either blame WordPress for releasing 3.6 with the previous version of class-phpmailer.php… or, the hosting company for running Qmail — however, Qmail, a Unix based replacement for the older Unix sendmail, has many advantages over sendmail, especially superior security measures, which is why Qmail is more prevalent in serious security conscious hosting companies.

    Jack reinforces my earlier comment that when there is a problem, DISCOUNT NOTHING! Of course, a reasonable person will ask, ‘How the heck am I supposed to know that this is the fault of the email system the host is using?’

    Luckily Jack is knowledgeable enough to know what the problem is and kind enough to share it with the rest of us.

    That kind of willingness to help other users is what makes these messageboards what they are.


    Thanks, Jack, for advice. I copied older version of class-phpmailer.php over newer – works as a charm.

    Not sure if anyone here experiencing the problem are on Bluehost, but just in case – I’ve just found a solution for my Bluehost hosted sites.

    The solution relates to making sure that the contact form FROM email is changed from the user-entered value on the form to a fixed email that exists on your Bluehost account. It doesn’t matter whether you use Bluehost for your email. I use Google but I simply created a dummy email entry on Bluehost and it worked fine.

    So the email from Contact Form 7 will arrive showing that it was sent from that new fixed address. This means that you have to make sure you include the user-entered address in your message body, otherwise you will not be able to reply back.

    Now, before I upgraded to WordPress 3.6 I got away without having to do this, but since I’ve upgraded it’s the only way I could get the contact form to work. Check out the full solution here:

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