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  • I am trying to move sites from one server to another in a Multisite setup.

    Both servers are Ubuntu 12.04 with WordPress 3.5.2. Prior to the 3.5.2 update I could go to a subsite on server1 and export all content and import it to the new subsite on server2 and it would import all content no problems.

    After the 3.5.2 update I get all kinds of errors with “Failed to Import Media – Remote server did not respond” to and from server1 and server2. I have tried importing/exporting from each server in both directions.

    I have a third WP multisite install WHICH WAS NOT updated to 3.5.2 and it can import media files to a subsite from each of the two 3.5.2 servers with no issues. However, I cannot import from the NON3.5.2 server to any of the 3.5.2 servers.

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  • I see no evidence that this importer is being updated per version to help migrate different versions. I would assume the author would recommend updating a blog first so that database changes are applied.

    Your situation may required Easy CSV Importer or other importer plugin which builds the posts from scratch. Using ECI often gives an opportunity to improve tags, meta data and so on.

    When I mention subsite I actually mean sub-directory to be technical about it. So it is

    Just to recap: three WP Multisite servers. Server 1 and 2 are WP 3.5.2. Server 3 is WP 3.5.

    Server 3 (WP 3.5) can successfully import posts and media from Server 1 and 2 (WP3.5.2).

    Servers 1 and 2 (WP3.5.2)cannot import any media from any server. Media import fails with Remote Server is unable to respond from any of our Multisite setups. There is ONE exception – attempting to import FROM to our new WP3.5.2 Multisite setups seems to work just fine.

    All subsites can import and export with no errors on the same server. They cannot go from Server1 to Server2 with WP 3.5.2.
    Could it be that one of these security updates is blocking media imports?

    All servers are ubuntu 12.04.

    This is really messy and there are a lot of users hoping this can be solved.
    Any suggestions folks?

    Just to be clear, I am trying to import/export from WP 3.5.2 to WP 3.5.2 and that is broken.

    The only multisite setup I can successfully import media to is a WP Multisite 3.5 setup which is actaully taking exports from the newer WP3.5.2 sites.

    I did something totally crazy and it seemed to work. I downloaded WP 3.5.1 and Unzipped it and dropped it in to overwrite all my WP3.5.2 files. Then I ran the Update Network prompt for all the sites.


    A VERY BIG WARNING for anyone who may rely on transferring sites in and out to NOT upgrade to WP3.5.2.

    There is an issue with importing and exporting media files for self hosted multisites.

    At least in out case.

    That is great. Replacing the entire installation is eventually a step to take with all issues but I didn’t think to do it so soon.

    Good job

    I think this might be related to the anyone of the security fixes that is most likely interfering with import of media files.

    Does anyone else have a multisite 3.5.2 that they would like to try importing on? I’d love to make sure it is just not my setup.

    Steps to reproduce:

    Go to any self-hosted wordpress multisite and download the XML export file from one of your subsites which has photos and documents attached to posts.

    Go to a separate server for a self-hosted multisite and run the import process and make sure to click the checkbox to Import Media and Attachments. Same Server Export/Import works just fine for multisite. It is only when you are going to a separate server with a separate IP Address that the issue arises!

    Check your Media Library to ensure that all the files were imported into the new site.

    I’ve just run into this issue and, suspecting user error on my part, I went back to double-check that I had done the export correctly and, so be fair, the exporter says This will contain all of your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts. – no mention of media posts! Looking at the export file, there are no media posts there, so my guess is that this is not an issue with the importer, but rather the exporter no exporting everything!

    Having said that, the importer does have a checkbox to download and import all images, so you would expect it to do that too. But, if there are no media posts in the export file, it can’t very well be expected to recreate them!

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