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  • We spent hours on end lookin at all the people affected with image problem (HTTP error on upload and the size data reading 0×0. The problem lies when the WP version does not work well with the PHP version. As of today the culprit is Version 5.3. Call your host and downgrade to 5.2 or upgrade to 5,4 – and all your problems are fixed It;s a shame WordPress doesn’t say this on a sticky

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  • Interesting—I run several sites on 5.3 without problems. It may have to do with how the host has installed 5.3. Not all PHP installs are alike.

    Interesting I am experiencing the same problem with images I have used plenty of times however If I load the image into PS6 and resave the problem goes away. Its a real pain but solves the problem.

    Weirdly if I upload a image before rewriting in PS6 of 198kb it gives an error message of “weightless woman transparent 1.png” exceeds the maximum upload size for this site. But it allows me to upload on that’s 98kb

    I can now confirm as I first thought that the error is NOT fixed by upgrading to PHP 5.4

    Thanks to the top notch guys at liquid web the problem is

    The problem was stemming from ModSecurity, which was preventing the temporary directory used for PHP uploads to be utilized from creating files. I made sure that PHP is set to use /tmp for temporary file creation, and configured ModSec to allow uploads to this directory.
    This is pretty common with ModSec; just need to make a quick tweak to the configuration.

    Oh no!!! I also have the same problem. Posted here:

    Sometimes, not always, but almost always, WP gives the http error. Those images won’t have the size info. The thumbnails instead of showing “large”, they show the “full” version.

    In addition sometimes when I upload one image once, I see it twice in the server, with a “1” appended in the filename.

    And also those images will show very big in the “post edit” view in the add featured image box.

    And if I go back reading my emails I can see that my hosting provider just upgraded to PHP 5.3!!! So probably that’s the problem! And WP 3.5.1 still doesn’t support PHP 5.3??? So bad!!
    How can we work?!

    Yep! This was my issue. After trying every single thing I could think of, including editing the htaccess file, editing the php.ini file, and every other tip and trick on here, I called our host (CenturyLink, unfortunately) and they downgraded my php version to 5.2 and it worked flawlessly. Too bad I didn’t find this forum until after I decided to Google WordPress 3.5 and PHP 5.3 compatibility issues because the customer service rep told me about it. This should be posted more prominently.

    I am using PHP 5.3 with WP3.5 on many sites without issue (as are very many others).

    @curtis (and others), please start your own post as this may not necessarily be related to your issue. You can also discuss with your hosts that very many are using PHP5.3 (without issue) so this is a HOST issue and not a WP issue.

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