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  • troubleshooting a domain that’s having a problem, tried going back to virgin install, but still get WSOD!

    What’s going on here? Other site in same DH account is working fine!

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  • Im getting the same thing. New website just installed WordPress 3.5 and just getting white screen.
    Website –

    Moderator t-p


    Hey there,
    There can be a number of things causing the issue with the new WordPress updates.
    What I recommend doing is having one of our DreamHost Tech Support reps investigate the issue.
    You can leave us a ticket here:
    and we’ll have one of our WordPress gurus look into it.
    Let me know if you have any other questions!
    Hope this helps.

    DreamHost Staff
    -Justin H

    @ popsmith. I can see yor site. let me know if it is now visible & what ou did. I just lost my whole site after 3.5 upgrade. I’m not too happy to say the least.

    Just contacted GoDaddy. He was ble to see my site, I just got an error message. GoDaddy is showing I’m still using 3.4.2 . It seems the 3.5 updgrade is not jiving with the hosts. The rep had to actually log into my account before he would believe me. He did say there was no way he could getme back to 3.4.2 from his end. I was hoping i coulddo a refresh from my FTP manager. no such luck. I was able to get into my site by typing in my domain name/wp-admin. Hope this helps to at least get you back into your admin panel.

    Oops… spoke too soon. was able to get into dashboard but nothing works. Now cant get back in at all. Seems to be intermitant. WP needs to do something.

    My issue was that I tried to drop in the original wp-config.php file! So simple.

    GHC, so glad we fixed that for you!

    tiamariacat, you should be able to FTP the 3.4.2 files back up to your server, and get back in. If you can get into wp-admin, try changing your theme to Twenty Twelve.

    Mika, why to you want everyone to have the same theme?

    I don’t, I want people to test if the theme is the error or not.

    You see a blank white page is a PHP error. Since we know WordPress 3.5 works in general, the only reasons you’d get that error are:

    1) Bad theme
    2) Bad plugin
    3) Bad upgrade

    1 and 2 are the most common, so that’s why you hear all the regulars say “Turn off all your plugins and switch to the default theme.” It’s step one of troubleshooting 🙂 If we told you every possible thing to try in one post, you’d run screaming.

    You see a blank white page is a PHP error.

    Is that error logged anywhere?

    Generally in your error logs.

    You can check/view the logs for any domains that are owned by your user (you will not be able to view other users’ logs). Your logs are stored in the /home/yourusername/logs directory, where you will find a subdirectory for each of your domains. The logs themselves are stored in the subdirectory named for the domain. 🙂

    That’s HTTP logs, here’s more of what I had in mind-

    in phprc:

    log_errors = on
    error_log = /home/user/php-errors.log

    (OT: know how to rotate php logs on shared hosting?)

    Ok. Mine is fixed. I just had my hosting service install it and I been good since…Thanks everyone.

    I just installed a fresh copy of WP 3.5. Setup wizard worked great, site loads fine with the default theme and default content. But I can’t get to the wp-admin page or any other pages, I just get the white screen of death. I haven’t even uploaded content or changed themes yet. I can’t because I can’t get to the admin page.

    Any suggestions?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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