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  • It seems to me that the most common use case for working with images in wordpress is uploading them. So when I click the new “Add Media” button, it seems counterintuitive that the default view is the “Media Library” tab, instead of “Upload Files”.

    It’s much less likely that I’m going to use a previously uploaded image from my media library when writing a post, and that I’ll be using a newly uploaded image.

    Changing the default here (or allowing it to be a configurable option) would save one click every time you go to upload images.

    Does anyone else out there agree with this? Could a plugin be written to make this an option?

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  • Ah, alright.

    See, what I want it to do is default to “Upload Files,” and then when they’ve been uploaded and auto-switches to the “Media Library” tab, instead of it showing all, it just shows the “Uploaded to this Post” section.

    Unfortunately, the plugins I’ve found (yours and the StackExchange one) either does one or the other, and they don’t seem to work “together.” (I’ve got both plugins activated, but only yours is working. After it shows Upload Files as default, as soon as I upload an image it jumps to “All media items.”)

    Anyhow, I opened a ticket at the trac site. Hopefully it’ll get noticed:

    Not sure which plugins you are referring to Salromano. View Own Posts Media Only might be one you want to check out that sounds like it does the 2nd half of what you’re looking for.

    Adding my tiny voice to the ‘bring back the old uploader’ chorus!

    It wasn’t broken – worked pretty well.

    When I want to upload an image, I don’t want to see the other media. Yes now I know I can drag and drop anywhere – but it is just intuitively wrong the way it is designed. Nobody’s going to figure that out without reading.

    Second, I used to select the default title and option-drag it to the ‘description’ field… now, the window thinks I’m dragging an image (and sometimes locks up). The only solution is to copy/paste – which is doable, but certainly not as efficient for me.

    Third, the idea that I cannot just paste a URL into the “link to” field without grabbing my mouse and selecting “custom URL” is absolutely insane! Yes, I realize that after I select ‘custom’ once, then that becomes my default on the next image, but if I don’t want a custom url on that next image then I have to specifically select “attachment URL” – which was inserted by default but why do I have to re-select this silly silly dropdown?

    who are the people who are designing this? No offense, but this is such a backwards step in my processes to get images uploaded it is just crazy!


    I noticed this problem as the more I use it, the more irritated I become.

    The only thing that I like with the new uploader is the ability to add several images to a post at once. The problem then becomes clicking on EACH image to re-insert the TITLES that seem to disappear.

    How would I edit this code to paste it directly into functions.php?

    add_action( 'admin_footer-post-new.php', 'idealien_mediaDefault_script' );
    add_action( 'admin_footer-post.php', 'idealien_mediaDefault_script' );
    function idealien_mediaDefault_script()
    <script type="text/javascript">
    <?php } ?>

    How would I edit this code to paste it directly into functions.php?

    You shouldn’t have to edit it to work in your functions.php.

    I agree with The Complex – the only improvement is the ability to add several photos at once, which isn’t remotely useful enough to me to give up everything I lost with the new uploader.

    I found this, which lets you default back to the old uploader. I’ll be using this until major improvements are made in the new one.

    I always try to be positive and thankful when giving feedback, but I also want to be completely honest, or else what’s the point? The truth is, I have really tried but I still can’t imagine how the WordPress team arrived at the conclusion that it would be an “improvement” to:

    –Create several more clicks and a whole extra task out of adding a featured image, which used to be one simple click – boom, done
    –Default to a “drag” screen when people are using smaller and smaller devices without offering the option to default to the upload window. I simply don’t have enough screen real estate to have a folder window open alongside my browser.
    –Giving us pictures only without letting us see at a glance the names of those pics. I work with nearly identical comparison photos – the only option now is to upload one at a time, work with it, upload the next, etc.

    It just all seems so incredibly counter-intuitive. But as long as I have the option to use the old media uploader, I’m done complaining. Of course, should they make that impossible at some later date, and I’m stuck with something like the current setup, I will not be happy. We shouldn’t need to add plugins to fix a “feature” that’s really more like a bug.

    Again, I’m sorry if this sounds harsh. For what it’s worth, this is the only time I can recall (in 8 years of working with WordPress) wondering what on earth prompted the team to make such a decision. Normally even when I don’t like a change, I get it and can see how many other users would, so I don’t kick up a fuss. But with this one, I still just don’t see how it could be considered an improvement on any level besides the ability to add more photos at once.

    DEAR WP:
    I still love you, but please add mine to the requests to either provide a choice to use the old media uploader, or fix the new one — SOON! Among other things, I’ve found that:
    1. it doesn’t behave nicely with a very stable premium jquery slider plugin (Revolution Slider) I’ve used for a long time (doesn’t display the option to select an image size and defaults to thumbnail or medium size randomly). Reverting to 3.4.2 solves the problem.
    2. Unless I clear the browser cache (Firefox, Chrome, & Safari on Mac 10.7.5) frequently, it will freeze the browser completely & I have to force quit.
    3. Image titles don’t display
    4. It’s horribly slow.

    There should be a checkbox for behavior under the Settings->Media options.

    And why the heck didn’t they implement some form of image management? One of my clients is a news site with 10,000 images and growing. The lack of image categories or galleries/folders makes browsing for images impossible.

    One of my clients is a news site with 10,000 images and growing. The lack of image categories or galleries/folders makes browsing for images impossible.

    I have a client I just converted to WordPress who’s panicking about the same thing. I have found some plugins that help a little, but it would be great if there was a back end tagging system or something.

    I join the choir of the precident posters – unfortunately wordpress is stepping backwards with the image uploader in 3.5. I don’t know why, but it’s terribly slow on my install (I am working with quite a lot of images on my blog…), and there will soon be a lot more images, but I am not willing to invest more time because of that.

    So I decided to go back to the old image uploader (3.4) which in my opinion is way better. If anyone else is looking for how to do that, i would recommend this link:

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    If you’re reverted WordPress to an older version, you’re compromising the security of your website.

    Thanks for the link @thomas!

    Has anyone tried this other fix? This trac says the slowness is because the media uploader uses full-size images as thumbnails, so it’s especially problematic with larger images…

    Is there a way to default to the “uploaded to this post” controls?

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