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  • It seems to me that the most common use case for working with images in wordpress is uploading them. So when I click the new “Add Media” button, it seems counterintuitive that the default view is the “Media Library” tab, instead of “Upload Files”.

    It’s much less likely that I’m going to use a previously uploaded image from my media library when writing a post, and that I’ll be using a newly uploaded image.

    Changing the default here (or allowing it to be a configurable option) would save one click every time you go to upload images.

    Does anyone else out there agree with this? Could a plugin be written to make this an option?

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  • I didn’t do the css correctly above to hide the selction dropdown , should be:

    .media-frame select.attachment-filters

    otherwise it hides the checkboxes for image link and “image opens in”.

    just tested, if you use

    .media-frame-router a:first-child + a

    it hides the media library tab and the first screen is “Upload” with the “Select Files” button.

    no java-mod required, but behaivior still has to be tested..


    Here are my five cents worth:

    Even defaulting to ‘Uploaded to this post’ isn’t good enough, unless you have a site with few images. For sites with lots of images this still slows down the WP operation because that option first looks through articles to see if images already exist in that article before showing the user the ‘No Items Find’ Select Files option.

    That is still tedious and time consuming. Why change a good thing?

    If you have a site such as mine that you work with lots of images, the new media feature with WP3.5 is a royal pain, sorry …. but it’s true.

    Give us the old media insert option back … please!!!


    good points. The mods ar really limited, not really getting us what we want.

    The best option I’ve discoverd is that 2 of my plugins which are associated with the media library still use the old ui.
    This includes Inline Attchments and Portfolio Slideshow plugins.

    I’d limit media Library access to those plugins.. except Media Categories plugin doesn’t work in the old ui, and I need media categories!

    …and I don’t want to completely eliminate or hide the media library tab, as I use it regularly. i just don’t want it to be the default. The simplest fix is just for wordpress to add an option to change the default view to upload an image. Then you could choose the appropriate path based on your individual workflow.

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    Did you guys notice you can drag images into the media uplolder, no matter what page it’s on?

    I opened a thread with more observations about the new media window: and there more people complain about this workflow. I hope the developers see this and take it serious, as its very counter intuitive.

    @ipstenu drag and drop is very functional for developers (working with large or multiple displays) but many users are on smaller devices where they use full screen.

    for now its an issue that makes me delay the update for less savy users, since I need to have the time available to answer their questions, and to prevent them from falling back into the habit of double uploads for “featured” and inserted images 🙂

    THANK YOU! 🙂

    I have spent the last 3 days searching for a snippet that could hide the library images (basically I needed a function so not even editors could see other media than their own uploaded, but this works as well, as they only have acess to their own posts)…

    I just used

    .media-frame-content .attachment-filters:first-child {

    instead, for hiding the “show all images” option.

    As far as the starting problem of this topic, the “Default to Upload Files Tab” (media_upload_default_tab) won’t be supported. See:


    If you want to have the editor default to the Upload Files tab in the admin editor:

    add_action( 'admin_footer-post-new.php', 'idealien_mediaDefault_script' );
    add_action( 'admin_footer-post.php', 'idealien_mediaDefault_script' );
    function idealien_mediaDefault_script()
    <script type="text/javascript">
    <?php } ?>

    If you just want that to happen on a front-end page – use this in a template or a JS file called from the appropriate template / page.

    <script type="text/javascript">

    Tested and confirmed!

    Really great idealien, thank you.

    Your welcome.

    For anyone else who’s not afraid of digging around in the core files of WP to understand / discover such things….This video with Koop was invaluable for getting a good overview of the structure of the new media library and how it is built with underscore and backbone, particularly the second half.

    The two main files where most of the relevant code are located in:

    • /wp-includes/js/media-views.js
    • /wp-includes/js/media-models.js

    Along with Firebug in command line mode to inspect / test set the value of objects / variables that you find via the code.

    The unfortunate thing is, if I could do all of THAT I might not be using WP to begin with. As much as I like WP I’ve been using this new image tool for about two weeks and I much prefer the old way. This new interface is simply not as streamlined or user friendly as the old.

    It most certainly is not more efficient than the old tool.


    Where do we apply that code? Theme functions?

    The first block sample – yes theme functions would work. Or in a functionality plugin to keep the change if you swap themes.

    The second block sample (just the JS script) could go in any template within your theme. That was how I have used it – as it is on a front-end form that I wanted to change the default only.

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