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    Hi David,

    After creating a fresh Multisite from WP 3.5.2 I notice that the values for upload_path and fileupload_url for new sites are empty and upload_path (apparently) defaults to /wp-content/uploads/sites/XX/ (where XX is the site ID as it was with blogs.dir) but when I use Networks for WordPress to create a secondary network, there are two (related?) problems emerging:

    1. The secondary networks main site defaults to /wp-content/uploads/ without the site-specific path. This, obviously, results in all secondary main sites using the same upload folder.

    In our case it’s not a big problem and I suppose WordPress is smart enough to avoid conflicts like overwriting files that have similar names coming from different sites but I was wondering if this is “by design” or is it something that has escaped scrutiny thus far…

    2. When creating a new site on a secondary network (as opposed to one on the primary network) the upload_path is set as /wp-content/blogs.dir/XX/files/ as it used to be. Again, not a big problem but it does kind of get confusing when some sites are using the /wp-content/uploads/sites/XX/ path while others store their files under /wp-content/blogs.dir/XX


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  • Plugin Author David Dean


    That’s not a bad idea!

    I don’t want to put admins in a position where they have to let to let users on secondary networks create networks, but the current “copy this particular file into your mu-plugins folder” routine is a hassle.

    to let users on secondary networks create networks

    Maybe a simple check for being on the main network when showing the ‘Create new network’ form and (if possible) another one to prevent actual creation of a new network from any sub-network… I can’t think of a situation where creation of new networks would be done by anyone other than the main Super Admin and having to go to the primary network interface for that is not such a big deal 😉

Viewing 2 replies - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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