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  • The issue is not with WP, it is with the plugin, contact them about this issue.

    Um, thanks for the fast response but… which plugin? It does it whether I use the social sharing buttons or just cut and paste the link without using any plugins at all, I just go to the website such as Digg or Stumbleupon and paste the web address. It does the same thing.

    Paste it where?

    All of them…
    Facebook status window

    I think that’s it… Anywhere a preview of the link is given, it comes up with the title being Article and the description being Let us help you plan your next adventure

    Also, this only cropped up with the upgrade – the tab at the top of ALL posts now says Article.

    I cannot guess which plugin is causing the issue (but clearly one is) so deactivate it and look for a compatible plugin for WP3.4 or contact your plugin dev. and inquire about this issue).

    If not sure which plugin, deactivate all of them and then activate one at a time testing site each step and reviewing which is causing the issue.

    I just turned off every plugin I had and tried manually posting a link in my FB page and it still did the same thing.

    It’s obviously not a plugin problem. I am also in contact with the developers of my theme to see if it’s an upgrade they need to do. However, I’m feeling, more and more, as though this is a WP coding issue.



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    Switch to default theme and see if problem persists there…

    For Facebook, try their new official plugin, I am using it here

    Let me do that and see if anything changes…

    SwansonPhotos – I used that plugin, got it all setup, was hopeful things would be different. Nope – it still posted the same generic stuff.

    And, WPyogi – I don’t really want to go through the whole “switch to the default theme” because I’m simply not that smart when it comes to WP and websites. I don’t want to mess things up totally with the site.

    Nancy, I want to help but find it quite difficult to do so…

    Yeah, this seems to be a bit of a poser.

    I’m going to see what, if anything, the theme developers say. I might have to go through the whole process of changing themes. I have one I bought several months ago and never implemented…

    Might be time, so long as there’s an update making it compatible with 3.4.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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