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  • Hey everyone hows it going?! Well after 3.2 Its been really slow on my server, and even after updating the files manually its still horribly slow. Seems that the problem I’m having isnt a JSON issue as stated.

    Im not sure what kind of data would be needed to help figure this out?

    Let me know and hopefully can come up with a reason as to the issues and if anyone else is still having the same problem. Thanks!

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  • I’m having the same issues with 3.2.1 on a GoDaddy pre-installation. They’re running the right version of MySQL and PHP and I also don’t think this is a JSON related issue.

    Refreshing pages on the site and in the dashboard are dismally slow and often don’t EVER resolve.

    I’ve never had it run this slow prior to 3.2

    My only guess is that there are still some server incompatibility issues.

    I just saw that on my panel I can change my php version, you might wanna see if you are having the same option. Ill double check my phpinfo stats and stack them against the requirements.

    Currently running PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5.0. Hosting configuration 2.2. No reason why it should be running so badly.

    Wondering if there are certain plugins or themes that are in conflict with 3.2

    I have no problem with WordPress 3.2.1 on my MacBook running Snow Leopard, but my client has a G4 running Tiger, and after the upgrade the WordPress backend is insanely slow: type a few letters, wait for one to appear… then another… then the third… With 3.1 it was just normally slow, as expected with a G4 running Tiger.
    The Server (machighway) is running the correct versions of PHP and MySQL according to the plugin “WordPress 3.2 Requirements check”
    I don’t know what to do besides downgrade back to 3.1 .
    Any suggestions out there?

    No ideas here, unfortunately.

    Mine finally started speeding up on it’s own. I think it was a server issue that needed to be resolved by GoDaddy (the site host).

    Hope you can resolve your issue – or that it magically corrects itself like mine did.

    Mine is running very slow as well. Has anyone heard anything from WordPress support? Is there another update coming?



    Turning off the admin bar for the backend seemed to speed up the admin side of a couple of my sites.



    I am also having problems with 3.2.1 of WordPress. The PHP and MySQL versions are correct, and 3.2 seemed to work fine, but 3.2.1 is horribly slow.



    I tried to do an upgrade tonight of my WordPress Multi Site install to 3.2.1 but ultimately had to revert to 3.1 because of the *glacial* slowness of 3.2.1.

    The automatic upgrade “worked” in that when it was done my admin interface showed I was in 3.2.1… but the interface was so painfully slow that I couldn’t even get over to “Update Network” to update all my sites. Wherever I clicked in the Dashboard, it took literally *minutes* for the page to appear.

    I tried the upgrade several times (I have a tarball of the 3.1 install that made it easy to return to the prior state). I de-activated all plugins. I *moved* all plugins to that the plugins directory was empty. Nothing worked.

    At this point I went back to 3.1 because I need a site that my users can *use*. 🙁



    I downgrade to 3.1 yesterday, 3.2.1 was very very slow and crash my serveur or when i was posting, the site become unreachable for several minutes.



    3.2.1 not only slow, it also screwed up all my custom links.
    I’m rolling back to my working version.. It’s out-dated and might have a lot security holes… but it’s better have something working than 404.



    Hi !

    I get the same problem here.

    On a same server, I have a one-site WordPress and the 3.2.1 upgrade (from 3.1.4) is going fine.

    But on antoher muti-site install, the backend is really, really slow. I get exactly the same behavoir describer by DanYork above. When I tried to “Update Network” (thinking that it would maybe solve the problem), I have a “couln’d connect to host” error message after waiting a few minutes that the page loads.

    So I downgraded it to 3.1.

    As I see it, it should not be a PHP/MySQL version as on 2 different install, one is running well and one is awfully slow.

    I have developed several WordPress sites which run on different hosting providers. And the one’s that have been upgraded to 3.2.1 run EXTREMELY slow. They have MySQL and PHP 5 , so thats all good.
    And when I say slow its not just the back-end its also the front-end thats slow , So the website’s take a lot of loading up-time as well.
    My clients are definitely not happy with their sites taking time to load. I hope the wordpress developers come with a resolution soon !!!

    I’m running a lot of WordPress sites for my clients. As a good webmaster should, I updated almost all of the sites to the latest WordPress version 3.2.1. I really regret doing this because those are all REALLY SLOW now.
    The front and the back end take ages to load. This really s*x.

    I hope WordPress comes with a solution soon!

    HI all. I installed 3.2.1 months ago and never had any problems. Then at the end of September my site was hacked. I had to start fro scratch, and reinstalled everything (WP 3.2.1, my Thesis theme, and all my plug-ins) from scratch at the beginning of this month, and for about 2 weeks everything ran fine. Now, within the last few days I am having all of these same problems with the dashboard loading slow, hanging up for minutes, and I have also lost functionality in the dashboard, when trying to edit or add a post, most of my editing tools/buttons are gone, and I can’t even try to re-add “the kitchen sink”; the Logout dropdown doesn’t function and neither does the html tab. trying to move through the dashboard pages (go to plug ins or users page) is impossibly slow.
    Now when I open the “add new post” page, no text appears when I type. I can’t even cut and paste from word or notepad. The text is being pasted as white (#ffffff), but since I can’t access the html tab, I can;t even try to make changes this way.

    I deactivated all but 3 plugin-ins (login lock, subscription options, WP-copyright protection) and I deleted 6 more plug ins, with no effect. I do not want to deactivate the remaining plug ins and particularly, login lock, because that is still successfully and on a daily basis keeping hackers from trying to log in.(Login lock informs me via email that the original hackers are still trying to log into my WP dashboard.)

    I am adding my two cents to this post because Word Press need to do something about this. Its really frustrating that the primary advice anyone ever gets in this situation is “remove all your plug-ins”. What if that doesn’t help? What then? I am fast growing disillusioned with WordPress.

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