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  • The new WordPress looks good and I look forward to using it, but I had 4 or 5 (new) themes to try with it and everyone of them had errors when I clicked on their small print-screen to consider activating them in the Manage Themes admin page (even “TwentyTen”!). This was on my test copy where I had the new debug config option turned on — as recommended for Theme developers. When I turned off debug, some errors disappeared but not all and it remains that theme (and plugin) developers are not following this WB guidline and they are not properly debugging their code before uploading it to WordPress. As a consequence, I do not believe that I will upgrade to 3.0.x till this improves.

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  • ummm…twenty ten is the default theme for wp 3.x.x
    it works tight out of the box – so if you are getting errors, you may have another problem
    almost all themes I have tested work in 3.x.x

    Yes. I apologize. The default theme that comes with WP is TwentyTen and is the one that did not have errors. It is good.
    I meant to say “even 2010-weaver!” (ver.1.1.7), which is a clone of TwentyTen. There are “Undefined index:” errors on every tab of the admin – theme – options page(s).
    If a person does not go to their wp-config.php file and set debug=true, verify that the code is at least, not sloppy, and then turn it back to “false” after they have checked, then they have just increased their level of risk. Setting debug=off does not “fix” anything. It only hides it.

    The other themes I tried are Arras Theme, Calotropis 1.2.7, and Atahualpa 3.4.9 (the worst). With all but Arras theme, there were errors showing up all over the theme’s options pages in admin – as well as at the moment of activating Arras and Atahualpa. (Among other things, Arras is using a depreciated function; Atahualpa and Calotropis are using undefined variables. Not good.)

    Maybe WordPress could raise the level of professionalism by some approval rating for those who “pass debug”. WP itself certainly passes.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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