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    I’m using TwentyTen and have made a lot of changes to the style.css file and several of the php files to customize my blog.

    After just updating to 3.0.4, the design has reverted almost completely back to the default settings.

    How do I get all the design edits I made over the past several weeks reactivated? I don’t even know all the files I’ve changed anymore. However, I did do a full backup before the upgrade.

    Please help with suggestions. Thanks.

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    I did do a full backup before the upgrade.

    Full backup = database backup and backup of server files.

    If you have a copy of your server files, specifically wp-content/themes/twentyten, the theme you customized and was overwritten in server when you upgraded. Then you’re lucky. I suggest that from this time forward, create a child theme of twentyten and copy over the tweaking and styles you made in your twentyten version.

    Phew! So glad that turned out to be easier to fix than I expected. I replaced the post upgrade wp-content/themes/twentyten folder with the backup from my desktop and it seems to have returned the design back to the way I want it. Thank you.

    When I create the child theme, do I retweak the actual files with my design edits? Or will I be able to just replace the edited .css and .php files with the ones I’ve already altered?

    The idea is to copy whatever theme you wish, rename it, and then edit and upload that theme. That way you don’t run a chance of overwriting your edited theme when you upgrade.

    Note: in the theme folder, there’s a style.css file. At the top of that file is information that will distinguish it from other themes in the Appearances tab of your WordPress admin area … just update that so that you can tell the difference.

    Okay thanks. That sounds pretty straightforward.



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    Sort of …

    Copy the folder that the theme is in and name it (the folder) something else. Then edit/upload your theme, and select it in the Appearances tab.

    Interesting, mercime. Thanks.

    Ah, the child themes codex. Thanks for the link. I’ll definitely sit down with that tomorrow and set up my blog properly. I do like to do things right if I can. 🙂

    Thanks for all your help and time mercime and DianeV.



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    I do like to do things right if I can

    Good attitude. Less stressful too 🙂

    Well done for backing up!
    I had EXACTLY the same happen to me……………..but I hadn’t backed up 🙁

    Wish I’d never upgraded now. Feeling very grumpy!


    Quickly call your internet service provider and see IF they can restore your server to pre-WP back up — a week ago or so

    BEWARE: — this will restore everything else on your server so anything written since then will be gone. BUT You could back up everything today and then do the restore and then re-upload your files. Proceed cautiously, though.

    Good Luck

    Thanks for replying Seth,

    I simply redesigned it.

    Thanks anyway x

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