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    I have updated my WP a few times (so i thought)….basically in my word press dash board @ the bottom right corner it would say i had version 3.0.3 in my control panel of my osting account where i have installed WP it was saying i only had version 3.0.1 and that an upgrade was available. so i upgraded to 3.0.2 now again in WP dash it says upgrade to 3.0.3 so again i do…..go back to my control panel and it still says i have version 3.0.2 and there are no updates.

    1. is there really a 3.0.3 and if so what in the world is going on….lol

    thanks for your attention

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  • is there really a 3.0.3

    Yes – and I suggest you stop using multiple different upgrade routes and just stick to the one method.

    Thank you. can you please explain your suggestion (multiple upgrade routes). i thought if i upgrade WP it should show in my hosting control panel as well as an upgrade

    Your hosting control panel keeps its own record of what version of a given software package you currently have. So you either need to upgrade via the hosting control panel or via WordPress itself – not both.

    I host with godaddy. I originally used their installer, but now I do my own updates

    Godaddy control panel says I’m still on WP 2.0.1, but I’m running 3.0.3

    So the hosting panel has no way of knowing what version you are on if you update through wordpress

    exactly….i use ipage as my host and i had a fatal error message trying to allocate space. when the support looked @ my WP installation we noticed that there was now an upgrade available. i didn’t understand how when i was upgrading all along from word press every time i was prompted to. actually WP is telling me i have the latest version now but in my control panel it’s only 3.0.2 would this not cause a conflict in sending information to and from server/browsers?

    No – your CP panel only stores basic info about scripts you have installed for site management purposes. It has nothing to do directly with the running of your WordPress site.

    Thank you

    The most efficient – and least used – method is to use SVN.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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