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  • It seems that we have a redirect problem on one of our websites parked domains since I upgraded to WP 3.0.

    A parked domain, as we all know opens the exact same content as the main url on one’s account, with the parked domain url in the address bar.

    Now since the upgrade to 3.0 that doesn’t happen anymore. The parked url gets officially redirected by wordpress, to the main url on the account and that’s the one that now shows in the address bar.

    It wouldn’t be all that bad if not Google redirect policies would restrict the redirect and ads in an AdWords Campaign won’t get approved. It sure has other effects too but besides the fact that there something doesn’t work the way it should, Google AdWords campaigns are in real trouble here.

    I spoke one hour with the people of bluehost and they checked everything three times and came to the conclusion that WP 3.0 redirects the parked domain. The test they ran was temporarily adding an index.html page to the site and the see if the site gets correctly opened. It was. I hope that someone can fix this soon because otherwise a lot of Google campaigns are going to have problems.

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