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    I am interested in using the multi-blog function in WP 3.0. However, I would like to put the blogs into different "categories" or sections, and then be able to work with them based on those sections. (I'd also like for each section to have a "homepage" where blogs in that section can be displayed by latest posts, most popular, featured, etc.)

    For example, I would be looking to do something like the following -- having blogs arranged by country.

    Main Site: mainsite.com -- stream of latest posts from all blogs, featured posts as I choose them from different individual blogs, etc.

    >>> BLOGS BY COUNTRY >>>

    Mexico blogs: mainsite.com/mexico/ -- "homepage" for all the Mexican blogs -- stream of latest posts, stream of most popular posts, etc.

    Mexico blog #1: mainsite.com/mexico/blog1 -- individual blog

    Mexico blog #2: mainsite.com/mexico/blog2 -- individual blog

    >>> NEXT COUNTRY >>>

    Japan blogs: mainsite.com/japan/ -- "homepage" for all the Japan blogs -- stream of latest posts, stream of most popular posts, etc

    Japan blog #1: mainsite.com/japan/blog1 -- individual blog

    Japan blog #2: mainsite.com/japan/blog2 -- individual blog

    I've worked with WPMU, and I know this was not something that was built into the system with wpmu, but is this something that is achievable with WP 3.0?

  2. It's exactly like it was in MU. No new functionality was added. While there is a plugin to group blogs, it didn't add the URL structure.

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