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  • Using: WP 3.0 RC3

    I am creating a plugin and adding 2 submenu pages to appear under two custom content types (‘Cars’ and ‘Trucks’). This issue is that WordPress assigns the “wp-has-current-submenu’ to the first “edit.php” item even when another is selected.

    add_submenu_page('edit.php?post_type=cars', "Details", "Details", $minlevel,  __FILE__, 'main_details');
    add_submenu_page('edit.php?post_type=trucks', "Details", "Details", $minlevel,  __FILE__, 'main_details');

    So when I click “Details” under “Cars” or “Trucks” the “Pages” post_type menu item still receives the “wp-has-current-submenu” CSS class.

    Is there anyway to make the menu aware of &post_type when assigning the current CSS class instead of just placing it on the first edit.php?


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