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Wp 3.0 Multi Domain (Url) Problem

  • Hey guys,

    I have got some problems with WP 3.0 Multi Domain functionality.


    Server A
    Domain: example.org

    Server B
    Path: example.org.example.example-server.org/
    Wordpress: example.org.example.example-server.org/wordpress
    WordPress-Adresse (URL) http://wordpress.example.org
    Site address (URL) http://wordpress.example.org

    Server A is configured to take example.org.example.example-server.org/wordpress to wordpress.example.org

    Server B is configured to WordPress-Adresse (URL) and Site address (URL), to http://wordpress.example.org

    So far it’s fine. I can connect to wordpress via wordpress.example.org

    But now I want not only 1 wp-blog as subdomain of example.org but a few more.. so I decided to use WP multi blog.

    My problem now is to make wordpress believe to be at subdomain.example.org (correct urls in frontend e.g.) and I donĀ“t know how to configure this.

    yours sincerly

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