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    I am having a weird issue, hopefully someone here can help me resolve. I have a Wp-3.0 Multisite community setup and I have just over 70 users/blogs running on the site. The site has been 3.0 from the beginning, so this isn’t an upgrade issue(unless the issue was from upgrading from RC3 to 3.0).

    Anyways, My issue is as follows:

    Only I(super admin) can access my themes custom options pages. My users are unable to even see the page in their sidebars.

    This is what I see(Theme Options page):

    This is what Users See(No Theme Options Page):

    Ive checked and all the users are admins on their blogs, so I am at a loss as to why this isn’t working. I think it may have been working before I upgraded from RC3 to 3.0, but I cant confirm that for sure.

    Does anyone have any ideas about this? I really hope this is a quick fix, as most of my themes have these theme option pages and its very frustrating for the users when they cannot change settings.

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    Found that the theme options pages on mot themes are set to only be shown to users with edit_themes – in 3.0MS only super admins have that function. So I changed it to switch_themes , since I know that users can switch themes. It worked.

    Hi. I’m having this same problem, but for the life of me I can’t parse the solution you found.

    Was this a code hack that you did to fix the problem or is there a setting that I can’t find?

    Incidentally, I notice that for our site, the problem afflicts only some themes (including Atahualpa, ReciPress, BusinessXpand_multicol, Buddymatic) but not others (eDegree, intrepidity, ComicPress).

    OK, I’ve figured out what your solution was. In case anyone else is like me and didn’t catch on, here’s how I understand the issue and solution:

    Themes that provide options to the site admin do so through a hook ( The hook shows the options only to users with a specified level of capability. Many theme developers have them display when the user has edit_theme capability, which the sub-site administrators in multi-site don’t have.

    If you change the call for the hook to trigger on switch_theme capability instead (which I’d argue is the correct level for most sites), then sub-site admins get access.

    The challenge is that every theme calls this hook in a different way. It might be in functions.php or in another file in the theme. It’ll look similar to this:

    add_theme_page($themename. " Options", "Atahualpa Theme Options", 'edit_themes', basename(__FILE__), 'bfa_ata_admin');

    (That particular example is from /atahualpa351/functions/bfa_ata_add_admin.php)

    Find the add_theme_page call or calls in the theme you’re having trouble with and change edit_themes to switch_themes, and your sub-site admins will be able to access the options page.

    ComicPress is now updated per ccloskey to use ‘edit_themes’ instead of ‘manage_options’, will be in the .19 release.

    – Phil

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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