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  • Upgraded to 3.0 from 2.9.2 and within a second of installation process, witnessed white screen of death.

    Earlier I got a msg that wp-super-cache plugin isn’tinstalled in the right path..which isnt the case..but now I dont even have the admin site access [its ‘all white’].

    Can somebody help?

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  • I can login to admin panel, but if i want to make a post i get blank screen.

    I also get blank screen when i access /wp-admin/update_core.php

    This is really strange. I upgraded like 10 sites last night, and only 2 of them are giving me these problems.

    Both are on same server. Are there any special settings in apache/mysql etc that i need to make sure all is ok?

    Thank you.

    I just checked and everything works excepting ADD POST, ADD PAGE, UPDATES.

    When i click these i get blank screen. I deactived ALL plugins and i get the same thing.

    I guess I am lucky so far and getting no blank screens but my site is loading super slow now. I cannot clear the cache it seems either. My number of cached pages and expired pages ahs not changed since 1) I upgraded my Super cache last night and 2) upgraded to WP 3.0 today. I do not think my supercache is even caching anything but not sure how to tell. Ran soem test on the Suercache page but not sure I trust it. Contacted my tech support but will be awhile before they can check.

    You can view cached pages here /wp-content/cache/supercache/ with a folder and index.html for every page. You can delete these folders too, manually. Did you click “Regenerate cache stats” link after deleting cache? Its not automatic stats.
    Mine is regenerating the cache pages.
    I also had to update my wpsupercache htaccess, it will tell you if you need to.

    I’ve found a similar issue – got the “white screen of death” when trying to get into admin; removing Super Cache restored the admin screen – but still get the white screen when I access Plugins.

    My host does run PHP 5 and it is set to safe_mode.

    I found that the problem is caused by caching plugins, especially DB CACHE RELOADED.

    Deactivate that plugin and MANUALLY delete db.php from wp-content.

    Your site will work. I am now trying to reactivate that plugin to see if the db.php is written differently.

    The file was owned by APACHE, not by the user of the domain, so probably when the plugin was updated for 3.0 that file didn’t change.

    Right, in my case I found the all-in-one-SEO plugin created a fatal error.

    In my personal caste, testing WP3.0 on my test blog (I’ll wait a dozen days before applying WP3.0 to my “production” blog), I also had the white screen of death, possibly linked to SuperCache.

    My solution, born out from various experiments : renaming the wp-content folder, loading the blog (admin or public won’t matter), for a few pages. Of course there’s an error, but at least, it works.

    And then, I import back into the wp-content folder, first, just the template folder (it still works).
    And then, at this point, the blog works again, with all plugins deactivated, but it’s working again.

    After this, it’s the plugin reactivation game.

    The lesson I took : the next time I perform a wordpress update, START BY DEACTIVATING ALL THE PLUGINS !

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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