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  • I have a question about WP 3.0 and multi site.
    I am starting from a already set up server space with several non & 2 WP sites.
    The root domain does not yet have WP set up, it is
    The other sites are set as add-on domains, (static site) (has 2.9.2 installed) (has WP 2.9.2 installed)

    and look like this on the server side set up:
    but are accessed as stand alone domains:
    or in the case of the blog:

    So first, can I add WP 3.0 to the root domain,, and set it as multisite, using the already set up domains? I don not want anything in the url but the domain name of each particular site.

    As most of the sites I want to use WP 3.0 on will be as a CMS not a blog, will this work?

    How do I go about ‘transferring’ the site with WP 2.9.2 to the WP 3.0 multi site?
    (and not lose everything as I just set this up and transferred an old blog into it?)

    I would like to have the WP 3.0 multi site CMS run all the domains I have. (they are all hosted on the same server under one account)

    Lots of vague questions, but trying to figure this out before the push to update to 3.0 starts.

    Also a good write up about how to do this with already existing sites would be great.. yes I have googled and found a few tuts, but none that really address already developed sites.

    thank you for any discussion.

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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    You will still have to import/export all of the secondary WP installs into the main network. It can’t go and find the exisiting ones and hook them up for you. 😉

    You’ll need this plugin:

    But you can set up the other sites as subdomains or subfolders first and do test runs.

    CMS or blog format does not matter. Either way, you still need to import all your content into the one install.

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