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    I have installed WP 3 on a Dreamhost PS. I have installed several single blogs that work fine but now I’m attempting to install it as a network of sites.

    I have added pieces to the wp-config.php for the network and I have been able to create a network site. Both the top level blog – – and the network site – – are visible. However, no matter where I create a post it ends up on the top level blog.

    I have tried to create a post for /alabama/ from /alabama/wp-admin while logged in as both admin and the alabama user. Both posts have ended up on the top level domain’s blog and the network site at /alabama/ shows a 404 page from within my theme.

    I have read several blog sites’ recommendations on creating a network of sites. They all say about the same thing and it all appears to work since the network site is visible. I just don’t know why all the posts end up on the top level blog.


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  • Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    I suspect it’s because you’re not really seeing the second blog, but the first blog mirrored.

    If you can provide a link to your site, it’d be a lot easier to troubleshoot. 🙂

    The site I’m testing with right now is and

    I’ve asked this on a couple of forums. And some of the suggestions have led to the following additional observations:

    1. the alabama user had Super Admin privileges for the network
    2. when I removed the Super Admin privileges I could no longer get into the site via the link provided at Super Admin->Sites->… (looks like this
    3. If I don’t use the link – – then no matter what I do logging in sends me to a Super User admin dashboard
    4. Some plugins I installed, I’ve activated (but NOT network activated), and the options remain the same across all sites

    Sorry I didn’t say it before but…

    Thanks for the help

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress gives me a 404.

    Yeah, your install is messed up. the layout looks pretty hosed in FireFox.

    Go to Super Admin -> Users. Make *sure* you have a second user. The first user you made when you installed WordPress becomes the Super Admin when you enable the network.

    If you add a site from the backend under Super Admin -> Sites, you can add a new user at the same time. they will have administrator privledges on their site, but *not* Super Admin privs unless you specifically give it to them.

    Also go to Super Admin -> Sites and tell me how many are listed.

    Yeah the theme doesn’t look right to me either – on Firefox or IE. I’m not sure what happened there but assumed it was a separate theme related issue and not related to this issue.

    Under Super Admin->Users I have admin and alabama – both are Super Admins.
    Under Super Admin->Sites I have 2 sites listed.

    I created a new site – alaska – but I can’t log into it. I had a similar problem with the alabama site when I created it.

    The link provided in the email by my WP 3 install for the alaska site is this:

    When I attempt to login via I am forwarded to:

    Clearly these aren’t valid URLs.

    For the alabama network site creation I had to make alabama a Super Admin in order to be able to log in to the alabama network site.

    I’m using DreamHost’s One Click Installer on my VPS, which in the past has worked fine. And appears to be working fine for the install of WP 3 site (without a network). DreamHost – at least for their shared hosting – won’t support something necessary for subdomain blogs networks but should have no problem with subdirectory network blogs. I am attempting the subdirectory network.


    One more thing I’m noticing…

    Originally I thought this was just a Theme issue as well but the top level blog should have a title of US Bankruptcy Law – which it does. The alabama and alaska installs should have Alabama Bankruptcy Law and Alaska Bankruptcy Law for the titles. However, when I attempt to visit those sites the title is always US Bankruptcy Law with the result being a 404 page.

    In other words I may not be seeing the network sites as you, andrea_r, suggested earlier.

    What the heck is going on?


    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Did you check with your webhost to make sure they’d allow you running a network of sites?

    If so, I would remove the network entirely, and recreate it according to the codex steps.

    Edit: actually, Dreamhost’s One CLikc instaler is having issues. they added lines to the config file which screw up the created blogs.

    Go into the wp-config file, find the line near the bottom with the $base value and remove it.

    After that, you should be able to create a new site just fine.

    I saw that thread but it obviously didn’t have the July 3rd postings in it when I created this thread back on July 2nd.

    This morning is going to be very busy for me but I’ll try this solution and get back to you.

    Thanks for all your help

    OK quick check out of the site and it looks like your fix – i.e., removing the $base line – works.

    I deleted the old alabama and alaska sites. I deleted the alaska user but not the alabama one. I then created a new site at /alabama and it popped right up with the WP3 default theme, the title of Alabama Bankruptcy Law, and when I went to the admin site everything appeared to be working.

    I’ve activated plugins for the alabama site and check one of them. It no longer had all of the options filled in from the top level blog.

    As far as my quick check goes – I think my install is fixed!

    My Socrates theme (top level blog) still appears to be screwed up but I think that’s a different issue.



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