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    I’ve noticed that there is a whole thread that began after the release of WordPress 2.9 (On facebook) of a small community of people that have the same issue like me.

    Our site has stopped finding the thumbnails right after we’ve upgraded to the WordPress 2.9. Any share to Facebook can result in hours of “Searching for thumbnail” and nothing will be found. In addition to that, it sometimes would not even sync the title itself and just show the destination url. This is also the problem with submission, it may even tell me that the url does not exist!

    We’re really frustrated and were trying to downgrade to 2.8 but unsuccessfully and now we are stuck. Any suggestions?

    Here is our website:

    Note that all the posts after the upgrade will not be able to be shared.

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  • I did not quite have the same problem. Actually, I could get the image to show on Facebook if the image belonged to the post (ie. was uploaded from the post).

    However, if I affect a thumbnail to a post without the image belonging to it, then it does not show on Facebook.

    Hope it helps.



    Hey Fairweb,

    Sounds like you’re having the issue that many of them do. Some of us are having issues with the thumbnail not even appearing, then when it’s appearing, it’s not showing up in the Facebook update (e.g. Facebook Post)

    I’ve written an article on how to downgrade from 2.9 to 2.8 which helped me, and resolved my issues

    In addition to that, here’s a link to all of the other frustrated Facebook users who are experiencing the same problem like you (See url:

    So far there hasn’t been a ticket submitted towards this issue into the WP 2.9 bug hunt, which upsets me, or makes me think that they are not aware that this might be a problem with WP2.9 (Blogger, and Squarespace are also experiencing this issue)

    We need to give it a couple more days, perhaps it is a Facebook’s indexing issue.

    Let’s cross fingers

    Daniel //




    I wanted to also suggest that if you’re experincing issues with thumbnails not appearing do check that the image is hosted on your site (e.g not Flickr, Photobucket etc)

    If it is, that might solve the problem.

    Yeah I can’t see my photo previews from my blog anymore. I use Facebook and Digg to promote my work from my photography Blog. The photo previews have stopped since I upgraded to WordPress 2.9 – very frustrating as well.



    Hey Tierneyphoto,

    In this case, it seems like I’ve solved that issue as well – follow these instructions which will help you downgrade to 2.8 (latest 2.8 version) and will make the thumbnails appear, it worked for me.

    Daniel //



    I just realized you are the one I was speaking to on the Forums of Facebook 😀 my bad mate!


    I confirm that my photos are hosted on my website. And yesterday, I posted to Facebook two WP posts : one with the image belonging to the post, another one with an image belonging to another post. Both showed the image on Facebook.

    So your bug seems to occur when the photo is hosted by a third party application.

    I hope WP fixes this bug soon, I just posted 2, both hosted on my site, one appeared on fbook, the 2nd did not. Strange

    I concur with fairweb. For all my self-hosted images, it’s fine. Once in a while it’ll pick up ‘cached’ images from 3rd parties (it’s been hit or miss since 2.5), but if the image shows up in my blog post and is stored on my server, I never have a problem.

    I have several hosted on my site, and I find it a hit or miss with even those on my site. True for a while though.

    Which speaks more for FaceBook issues than WordPress, though… I suppose the ‘image checking algorithm’ is a tard.

    Man I thought this was something I messed up, didn’t realize other people were having trouble too.

    I use a function in my blog which is supposed to specify the image for each post I want to use for the FB thumbnail, but it stopped working after I upgraded and it keeps showing the wrong image now.

    HOWEVER my blogs that are hosted by HostGator are cool, they still work. It’s my blog that is hosted on BlueHost that’s the issue.

    Not sure who’s fault it is, but I hope this gets fixed.

    adum – Do you have hotlinking disabled? Or rather, do you have some sort of image protection on your servers?

    Based on that and this link ( ) it sounds like it’s FaceBook not talking well to the server. Or perhaps the server thinking that FaceBook isn’t allowed to get the image.

    If someone really wanted to test, they could make a standard HTML page with some images and try to link to that, to really exclude WordPress from the drama llama.

    I am still on WP2.7 and my thumbnails no longer show either. Since my WP blog is used for my business, it is pretty critical that my images are displayed as thumbnails on Facebook.

    Would someone please offer some help for me so that my images again show as Facebook thumbnails like they used to?

    Any help is much appreciated!!

    -Tracy Bookman

    Ipstenu: I didn’t know what hotlinking was before you mentioned it, but I don’t think I have it disabled. How would I check this type of thing? What would I ask my host?

    btw, this is the function I use within WP for specifying the FB image:

    function get_social_img() {
        global $post;
        if ( is_single ()){
           $image = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'fb_img', $single = true);
           <link rel="image_src" href="<?php echo $image; ?>" />
    add_action('wp_head', 'get_social_img');

    fb_img is metadata I give each post, I specify the image URL there.

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