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  • Just upgraded to WP 2.8 and so many functions are not working properly… Went to dashboard and tried to drop down the screen option and noticed it doesn’t work on any screen…

    Tried to just click on the arrows to drop menu selections down – doesn’t work…

    Who did the QA? How do you roll it back to 2.7.1

    WP 2.8 should still be a beta until further QA is completed… This was just more frustrating than useful..

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  • Nothing works for me on the widgets page either.

    That’s a huge failure .. this release is totally broke now my blog too is not even usable ..

    Me too.

    rather than create a new topic, I’ll post here.

    On the plugins page, someone seemed to think it would be a good idea to force people to click extra times to see installed/uninstalled/ and recently deactivated…. rather than the most useful version before.

    I dont see the logic….. I had everything on a single page, now we cant have that anymore and must constantly switch between screens. What was wrong with ‘enabled’ at the top, recent deactivations in the middle, and deactivated at the bottom? Oh yea, I know…. nothing.

    I really do appreciate the free software that is WP, its a lifesaver… but I think there were a lot of changes in this one just so people could brag about “I did this and that and create WP versions….” while their changes make it less efficient.

    I agree with the suggestion to roll it back.

    After deactivating almost all of my plug-ins (including some very important ones), the dashboard menu, drop downs and drag-and-drop work. Almost all of my previous plugins keep the dashboard page from loading completely, thus disabling the broken features.

    @cj76530 and diverdown and mitchlewis – please start new topics with your completely different issues.

    5starunited – try Tools->Upgrade->Re-install Automatically

    If you continue this thread, please report your host operating system, PHP version, your browser type, and browser version.

    To revert to 2.7.1 restore your database backup, restore your files backup.

    Me too

    widgets.php have errors here, I cant use any script in this fucntion.

    # Operating System : Linux Fedora 11
    # Server : Apache/2.2.11 (Fedora)
    # MYSQL Version : 5.1.32
    # PHP Version : 5.2.9

    Mozilla report this error…

    Error: jQuery is not defined
    Archivo de origen:,utils&ver=926ada71e1209bb6eb2e6e9d8748d59c
    Línea: 6

    Error: $(“#rssicon_link_color_colorpicker”).farbtastic is not a function
    Archivo de origen:
    Línea: 1579

    Tks for all

    “Screen options broken & menu drop downs broken” on the dashboard is exactly my issue. I don’t see how that is “completely different.” Specifically, the “Screen Options” link and the the drop down arrows do not work. This is EXACTLY the issue raised in the first post. In addition, the drag-and-drop relocation of the dashboard modules does not work.

    I was able to trace the problem to plugins. Disabling all but 3 plug-ins “solved” the problem. By looking at the page source, I can tell that the entire dashboard page does not load when the offending plugins are active. This is not really a solution, however, since the vast majority of plugins create this same condition.

    This is not a gripe; it is a report of a specific problem and description of what I have discovered about it.

    Is that clearer?

    This is my same problem as well.

    And I tried disabling plugins but it still doesn’t work.

    Linux (shared host, version unknown), PHP 4.4.9, problem exists in both Firefox 3.0.10 and IE 8.0.

    Hosting with – IX Webhosting
    OS – Linux
    Server Apache/1.3.37 (Unix) mod_throttle/3.1.2 FrontPage/ mod_psoft_traffic/0.2 mod_ssl/2.8.28 OpenSSL/0.9.8b
    PHP v5.2.3
    MYSQL v5.0.41-community-log

    UNCLE – UNCLE …lol I am going to have to roll back. Sidebars, Screen Options, plugins, lost functionality and other components are just not working…..

    To remain politically correct – 2.8 Should not have been release and well like Microsoft (sorry I said that) there are to many lessons learned and I guess I had a different mind set when I went to 2.8… Hmmmmm

    Out loud thought for WordPress Versioning – Maybe like Cisco – Even Stable | Odd Unstable

    Or was this a big push and everyone said “Hey we need the marketing” and didn’t like what developers said about functionality and QA…??

    In short I still am a huge WP supporter just don’t ever feel the “NEED” to push a new release if it’s – Not backward Compatible” has not been “QA” and for sure make sure it can at least do what it did before… Users are a creature of habit and will slowly add new functionality and brag all over the internet….

    Thanks for the read and now I start my journey “Open Arms” (Joke) back to 2.7.1 and wait for the real release of 2.7.2 🙂 <- The Real Stable Version

    Don’t believe there will be a 2.7.2, but a 2.8.1 is most probable.

    It’s really bad. Like, the worst since I’ve started using WP.

    My machine is Win Server 2003, with SP2
    IIS 6
    PHP v 5.2.6
    MySQL v 5.0.51a

    Here’s what I’ve noticed is broken so far in WP 2.8:

    – RSS seems to be broken. I check my RSS feed all the time (for obvious reasons) and it’s simply not working since the 2.8 update. I’m referring to my site’s normal posts RSS…the feed for our podcast still seems to be ok.

    – Incoming Links never loads
    – Plugins never loads
    – Stats never loads
    – WordPress Development Blog never loads
    – Other WordPress News never loads
    – Screen Options drop-down doesn’t work (it’s broken on every page)

    – In the Edit Posts list, the Quick Edit link doesn’t work
    – None of the links under Publish, Post Tags or Categories work when I go to Edit a post. They pretty much just do nothing.

    NOTE: I disabled the following plugins and now the stuff in the above two groups all works (well, mostly):
    WP Grins
    Category Icons
    Configurable Tag Cloud
    Flash Tag Cloud
    Most Commented

    I say mostly because in the Posts > Edit list, if you use Quick Edit, then change from Published to Draft, the post disappears from the list. Clicking on Edit again brings it back.

    Also, RSS is still broken. The errors that Feed Validator are throwing are invalid characters in the middle of a post…like the letter ‘c’ in a random word. It seems that maybe a tag isn’t getting closed here or there and is throwing off the feed (just guessing).

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