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    Hi all,

    I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.8, and am having a few issues already.

    Firstly, the admin menus don’t work. If I try to expand a section of my admin menu using the arrow dropdown, nothing happens. I have to click on the word “Posts” before I’m given the threaded options below it.

    Secondly, when I’m uploading images to a post, I am now unable to insert images from the gallery. I am able to go to the gallery screen, but clicking on the “show” option next to each uploaded item does not expand to reveal that image’s options.

    For some reason clicking on “show” just moves the admin page in the background up & down by about an inch or so.

    I’ve been trawling the forums for a fix, and one said go to Tools > Upgrade > Re-install Automatically – I’ve tried this to no avail.

    Also I have tried this in every browser I have available, including: Firefox, Flock, Chrome, Opera, Safari & IE.

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  • For the admin menus problem you may have to deactivate plugins (maybe all of them) to see if one of them causing the problem.

    This may apply to your gallery question

    Q. Uploading files to the media library doesn’t allow you to create a Gallery anymore.
    A. If you click “Save All changes” after uploading, it displays the gallery tab and from there you can insert a gallery.

    Thanks for your post Michael.

    I’m not trying to insert a gallery – to be honest all I do for that is to add the [gallery] text into a post.

    All I’m trying to do is add an image from the gallery tab itself… which isn’t working.

    I’ve also been fiddling around, and half my dashboard isn’t displaying properly, as well as the “quick edit” options on each post. 🙁

    Ok fiddled with my plugins… it would seem that IntenseDebate was the culprit. 🙁

    It’s a shame really as I much preferred that to Disqus. 🙁

    This is going to be fixed with a couple of days. IntenseDebate has found out about the issue and will be releasing an update soon. So you dont have to suffer for much longer.

    I have tried everything on these forums and I cannot get gallery to show up.
    I am so frustrated.

    I deactivated all my plugins, I have reuploaded and saved numerous times and I still have no gallery, I inserted the code [gallery] and still no gallery. Help

    I’m having similar difficulties with Galleries – can’t get the tab to appear, and using the shortcode as in previous versions results in nothing happening. I’m on a clean install, with no functions or plugins enabled, and can’t figure it out.

    Any help greatly apprecaited!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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