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  • I have updated, (ftp) uploaded any number of time (about 9) including now deleting my complete site. Everything but the database.
    The admin always displays with text links and loads page information at the bottom of the page. Please see example image –

    Site itself seem to show fine just the admin.

    I as well as others are have this same problem. I as well as other have posted with no fix. Any help would be better that none. Thanks!

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  • Ditto!! I’m browsing these forums trying to find the fix.
    If someone could assist that would be super!!


    having exact problem, screen shot is same. running on siteground hosting and there is no help there, have tried multiple fixes, will next try new clean install with backup – appreciate any ideas

    same problem with me and admin panel is dam dam slow

    HELLO! Why can’t we get a answer to this problem. The only thing that works/fixes this is to reload 2.7.1. There must be something that the original auto upgrade to 2.8 hosed up something in the database.

    Same problem. Single-level unformatted Admin page. External page looks fine.

    New, completely new, installation of 2.8.3 in a subdirectory (easier to delete) on the server. Using GoDaddy free hosting (ads inserted at top of pages). I hope there’s a solution waiting out there.

    Never had the problem before so not quiet sure why its happening, but looking at it looks like broken css formating. Check to see that you have the stylesheet in the wp-admin folder and that it matches the one in the unziped download.

    Also make sure that the css folder is within the wp-admin folder with all 27 stylesheets in place with the right permission settings

    For technical support you will usually have to be lucky, pay or wait a very long time. I don’t even know if the forum mods get paid?! Do they?

    WordPress make any money?

    I suggest if your a serious website owner running a serious website then just pay a wordpress pro to sort these issues save yourself the stress.

    @webtechglobal – WordPress is a free software provided as is. They dont make money neither pay any of us here on the forum.

    This forum is the technical support and is manned by voluteers. If there is a major issue with wordpress like bugs and vulnerability then there are channels where one can report such and the WordPress guys will look into it pronto. You gota hand it to them, they do a marvelous job so hats off to them.

    As for gettin the job done by a pro, yes if it comes to it then thats the way to go. There is a number of us here on the forum who do the job for a nominal fee – ask and you shall be pointed in the right direction 🙂

    Looks like your javascript isn’t working either.

    I had no problem upgrading to 2.8 so I’m at a loss. It does look like what happens when some files do not get uploaded properly. I know that is very annoying to hear after having uploaded 9 times. Sorry.

    I’m not sure if you can conclude that something in the DB is broken. The fact that the public side of the site works is good evidence, though not solid proof, that the DB is OK.

    You haven’t changed web-hosts by any chance? This is a strict upgrade, not a move? What are you upgrading from? 2.7.something? 2.5? Have you disabled all of your plugins?

    The problem happen when 2.8 was first released. I auto updated and what every happen did it then. I have tried every thing including delete all files and folders and install 2.8 clean, couple of times. I have then gone back to 2.7.1 and then updated back to 2.8 only to have it happen again. You name it and I have tried it. No plug-ins being used so that’s not the problem, removed them too. I can always remove all file and folders and reload 2.7.1 and it works fine. Crazy so far?? I have updated three other site with no problem.



    I have deleted all files and folders and database. Reloaded 2.8.4 and new database. Check all files and permissions on all files and folders. All right. Only one other thing, cimincr says he is using FREE Godaddy so is this site. Yeah it is a test site that I test drive new WP thing on before trying them on a main site. Anybody using Free GD with success with 2.8 adimn only? Front end is good.

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