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    Hi WP Dev Team,
    QuickPress sounds great, but really, you’ve gotta have Categories in there. I have to imagine that most blogs still use Categories as the backbone of their taxonomy. Tags are great, but QuickPress will be wasted space on my dashboard if you can’t assign a post to a category.

    Other than that…please hurry! I’m foaming at the mouth to get my hands on 2.7!


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  • categories are of course important even for quickpress feature. i guess they designed it to be used for posts which would be connected with default category. πŸ™‚

    My first impression with QuickPress was something along the lines of “Cool, that’s a great idea. Wait…no categories?” I think categories are pretty much an essential addition to QuickPress.

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    Everybody’s been complaining about this one. Here’s the word as I read it:

    It is extremely unlikely that categories will make it into QuickPress in 2.7.

    Later versions may have them there. But 2.7 has other priorities first.

    If categories don’t make it into QuickPress now, maybe the new feature should be renamed QuickDraft.

    Categories may be more of a luxury in some cases, or something that can be added at a later time to the post, but there are scenarios (not uncommon, I would imagine) where they are necessary — e.g., when category feeds are used.

    Otto, where did you read that?

    Well, here’s hoping that someone can sort out a hack/plugin to turn on categories to quickpress. It’s the only thing missing that I’d need daily.

    The idea behind QuickPress was a fast posting option that did not carry the full functionality of the Write screen. The original intention was for the module to be configurable, so given the ability to put x number of fields in the module, the user could choose which ones, but that it would be limited in number so it wouldn’t just be a duplication of the Write screen in a too-small space. We started out with tags instead of categories because with the use case we saw more people using tags than categories. Again, the intention was that it would be limited but configurable.

    In mid-October we tried to add categories, but the interface for selecting categories is different (currently) than for adding tags, and we realized that we didn’t have time to add categories to QuickPress and make it work right, so for 2.7 QuickPress is limited to tags. If that makes QuickPress useless for anyone, well…
    1) You can hide the module until 2.8 and pretend it doesn’t exist yet;
    2) Maybe someone will write a plugin to add categories; or
    3) Use the traditional new post screen, which has all the features including categories. It’s one click from the Dashboard, and it’s easy to bookmark in your browser so you can go right there without even stopping at the Dashboard.

    And in 2.8 (February), you’ll be able to add categories using the new QuickPress module.

    janeforshort, thank you for the explanation. I’ll hide it for now and wait till 2.8 πŸ™‚

    Don’t see quickpress in 2.8 demo. Hope I’m wrong it would be great to get this for my users. Otherwise looks great keep up good work.

    Upgraded to 2.8 on several sites, no issues, excellent work thanks. I had to upgrade a few plugins like Just one question on quickpress – is it available in 2.8 I don’t see categories hope I’m wrong. This would be a great benefit to my users who have little experience.

    I know this is an old thread now, and sorry to resurrect this, but i did post a solution to adding a basic category option to QuickPress.

    For those of you still looking to add a category this may be useful.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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