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  • Posting is really slow!!!!! I would love solutions.

    I have another blog that I host on the same server, and it posts just fine. Any solutions?

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  • Is there anything?.

    I took the wp-admin and wp-inlcudes folder and moved it over to the site I am having problems with, thinking it would replace a bad file, and it is still slow.

    Would having 820 posts and, 100 pages, in 111 categories make this slow?

    I am having the same problems, especially with the create/write new post/page. It’s even gotten so that I can’t load the front page. I’ve deactivated plugins, cleared the cache, deleted cookies, tried different browsers, etc. It’s going on 5 days and I am losing my mind!

    I have tried disabling plugins and it still doesn’t work. Like I said, its just this one blog that I have trouble with, and its just on the create new page, but no one can give me an answer. And I have tried everything I can think of.

    Still no answers/suggestions?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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