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  • teddy3d


    I write for Popdose and we just updated to WP 2.6. While there were some problems that the entire staff was experiencing, they have been resolved — except for some odd problems I’m experiencing.

    1. I can’t add images (the button on the toolbar is gone and inserting code does not work). When I save the changes, the code is deleted — which erases the image.

    2. I can’t link to other pages, posts, or to files. Saving changes erases the links.

    3. Font changes like Bold or Italics will revert back to plain text upon saving changes.

    4. I am using an iMac (PowerPC G5 1.9Ghz) and my colleagues are on Windows or Linux based systems. We’re all using Firefox 3.0.1, and I am the only one having the problems listed above.

    I’ve dumped my cache and cookies five times, installed the latest version of Flash, and restarted my browser (and computer) each time I’ve cleared my cache and cookies.

    I’m hoping this is just a case of needing to update the plugins, but I thought I would list the technical problems I’m experiencing with WP 2.6 in case any one else with a Mac is having similar problems and has figured out a fix.



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  • jefito


    Just to follow up on Ted’s post, we’re a pop culture blog ( with over 20 writers that are located all over the world. A few of the writers are having the problems Ted describes, but I’m not sure they’re confined to Macs — all we know at this point is that since upgrading this morning, some of our authors are having problems with disappearing formatting…

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