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  • Hello, I was all psyched to finally install the latest version of WordPress 2.5 on my site, and already I’m not so sure about it… I do like some things about it, and I’m sure that I will find many more, but (also after checking the forum upon its very early release, and noticing quite a few users having problems with it), I am wondering if there are some issues with Version 2.5.

    First of all, I noticed already that the WYSIWIG editor did not keep previous content “intact” upon editing, as promised:
    Friendlier visual post editor — I’m not sure how to articulate this improvement except to say “it doesn’t mess with your code anymore.” We’re now using version 3.0 of TinyMCE, which means better compatibility with Safari, and we’ve paid particular attention this release to its integration and interaction with complex HTML…

    For example, the first post I tried to make and then edit after going from ‘HTML’ to ‘Visual’ mode in the post editing window screwed up the appearance of the post immediately after I hit ‘SAVE’.

    I also could not get anything to appear at all in the pop-up window once I highlighted some text and tried to ‘INSERT A LINK’ while preparing a post….

    This already gives me great concerns, both for preserving the integrity of content as far as editing for my site, and for the fact that I was considering going to a complete WP blog-style format for my entire site just recently, but now I feel I must have some serious doubts about this.

    I do appreciate all the WordPress coders efforts, I still think this is a great product, and I have confidence that the developer community can help work out any bugs (I am willing to help out to by reporting any issues I at least may encounter).

    Thanks so much to anyone who can offer any useful feedback on this.

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  • I have no solution for your problem, but out of curiosity, what browser/version are you using?

    sacredpath – Mozilla Firefox

    Hmm I never thought that that could possible be an issue with WP 2.5 functioning. The new Firefox I think was only just released yesterday.

    I have no idea if that is the problem. I was thinking .13 was just security, but they could have slipped something in there I suppose.

    I haven’t updated yet, I’m just watching the forums to see what problems are occurring. I think from what I’ve seen, I’ll wait for 2.5.1.

    sacredpath – well interestingly enough I did notice that the table background that is supposed to be white (from the theme’s template) and is missing in Firefox, i.e. (no background color for the body cell appears in white), does appear in Internet Explorer.

    Yes I do hope these issues can get resolved. Maybe this kind of thing is normal in the early stages of any release. We’ll just hope for the best I guess : – >

    wow! same problem here.. i can’t add links and pictures… now im in trouble if this thing won’t be fixed coz i can’t give credits to other sources..

    Rhodz, wow – well good to see someone else experiencing the same problem. I am almost certain they will be addressing a lot of these issues that apparently many people are having with WP 2.5, and releasing a follow-up (2.51?) or patch(es) very soon. Good luck to you too!

    now i dont know! :).. any options to downgrade.. im really scared now.. maybe i’ll just updgrade latter when 2.5.1 is out..

    Rhodz, let me share with you some ideas:

    1) I am confident that the sharp WP developers will see all these issues and make the necessary changes – maybe this is just part of a necessary “evolution” and,

    2) I found out something just now that was re-assuring and I think will at least provide a temporary fix. For the time being at least, stick with the ‘HTML’ part of the visual editor. I just realized (thanks to I think reading someone else’s post) that this will still allow you to edit a link (type some text, highlight it, and then select the word “link” in blue, this will thing bring up a pop-up box that DOES successfully allow you to add in a URL – also to insert an image press the “img” button (again in the ‘HTML’ section) this will let you at least enter the URL of an image.

    Please pass this on to others as well!

    tnx man…also found a temp fix for this issue i.e can’t include links/pix.

    i’ve upgraded to beta 4 firefox 3.0.. they showed up.. but then again all firefox plugins are dissabled because they are not yet supporting the new firfox release..

    anyway, let me try ur suggestion also..

    so far.. no probs with IE browser..

    My 2.5 works fine until I add any pictures or links. If I do add them then when I save I just get dumped to my site (not WP) homepage and I lose the post.

    Time to downgrade!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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