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  • Sorry to start a new thread on this topic, but I think the old one has gotten so long that it’s hard to wade through.

    To summarize: quite a few people were unhappy with the new write panels – specifically the amount of scrolling required and the lack of notification of open drafts. Sapphire, eric23, vintagepretty and myself posted hacks to make the screens more usable. It was suggested that the hacks be added to trac, in the hope that they would be incorporated into a future release.

    The ticket in trac has been closed as “invalid” for being “not an idea for trac.” Matt has further taken it upon himself to pronounce it ugly. He is, of course, entitled to his opinion. But that makes me think that getting this change into a release will not be easy.

    Several days ago, gambit37 posted an idea to make at least some of these changes permanent. If you agree, please go over there and vote.

    If you want to see what my “ugly” changes looked like, there’s a picture here..

    You can download the changes here.

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Viewing 9 replies - 46 through 54 (of 54 total)
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