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  • Sometime the eagerness to bring change can be VERY unmotivated.

    The button that said “Save and continue editing” in the editor was a great, obvious feature.
    I can’t think of any imaginable reason to remove it, except that who removed it probably didn’t use it. He maybe had a so fast connection he could get in and out of the editor at the speed of light.

    It is absurd to write without saving now and then, or to save only when one has finished and can walk out of the page. Especially if you don’t use the horrid wysywyg thing, like me.

    Please WP people, do consider give us back this feature. At least as an option in the settings “walk out of the page after saving” or something.

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  • here’s a hack to work around this thing:

    open edit-form-advanced.php.

    look for

    <p class="submit">
    <input type="submit" name="save" id="save-post" value="<?php _e('Save'); ?>" tabindex="4" class="button button-highlighted" />

    and replace it with:

    <input name="save" type="submit" id="save" class="button" tabindex="3" value="<?php _e('Save and Continue Editing') ?>" />
    <p class="submit">
    <input type="submit" name="save" id="save-post" value="<?php _e('Save'); ?>" tabindex="4" class="button button-highlighted" />

    …you will have your button back.
    Now, does anyone know how to turn this into a plugin?



    I think two of the reasons it was removed was because

    1) Auto-save feature. The presence of that (even in 2.3) kinda made the “Save and continue editing” button redundant. Though I do understand that many people would like to do some “manual saving” on the safer side.

    2) Changes in the page you’re forwarded to after saving.

    -In 2.3 when you chose to edit a post from the “Manage” section, upon clicking “Save”, the page would return to the default posting page with the original post gone, but now the edited post is loaded again. (Similar to “Save and Continue Editing”.)

    -In 2.3, should you decided to click the “Edit” link visible to the adminstrator on the blog, the “Save” button would return you to the blog front page after editing. However now, the edited post is loaded instead, and it seems like to be fulfiling the function of “Save and continue editing” yet again.

    So mainly, I think they didn’t take it out because they “didn’t use it” or “had a fast connection”, rather I think the team knew that everyone used it, and instead of having 2 save buttons, they deleted one off and gave the remaining one the same function (well rather similar) as the good old “Save and Continue Editing”.

    But yeah, I guess for people who like to save drafts manually, it’s become a bit of a pain.

    thing is, if you start a new post, and start writing, after how long do you think the autosave feature will kick in?

    I tried walking out of the page without saving after more than a minute and the post was nowhere around in the drafts! What if I had crashed the computer?

    So either they give me back the manual save or they fix the autosave feature.

    Bottom line, I want to have more control on this kind of thing. At least in the settings.

    Autosave happens on 2 minute intervals.

    The new save button should work the same as the save and continue button used to.

    Well two minutes can be a long time.
    Anyway, the “save and continue editing” button used to keep you in the editor to go on working. The “save” button doesn’t. That’s the point.
    After saving, you either have to go back in the browser, or you have to find a “edit” link if it is there.
    Not very practical. I even don’t understand why this should happen, especially before one has published the post.

    Anyway, the “save and continue editing” button kept you in the editor to go on working. The “save” button doesn’t. That’s the point.

    Err.. the save button does go right back to the post editor. That’s my point.

    I just tried it out myself. Created a new post, added a title and some text. Now, it auto-saved more or less immediately after I typed a title (it does this in order to give you the permalink editor space), but still, when I hit save, it went right back to the write post screen with a new yellow box at the top saying “Post Updated”.

    Here, I made a quick screencast showing off that behavior:

    Hahaha, I never saw that! I’m glad to see a “save” AND a “publish” button. I guess I can continue working like I do now whenever I upgrade to 2.5.

    This thread is an interesting example of innovation in 2.5. I used to use the “Save and Continue” button but knowing the autosave had my back, I mostly used it to save and stay in the post editor. The single save button that keeps you in the editor is an improvement. @Ottom42 Thanks for clarifying that.

    However, I noticed that Save no longer returns you to the public view of the post after you enter the editor via the “Edit” button on the post itself. If that is true, that’s a bummer. (Just tested and noticed an option to “go back” instead of auto redirection…that is easy to live with).

    Seeing how Publish is on the right still, I don’t actually miss the other post attributes cluttering up the right side of the screen like my first impression led me to feel.

    uhm, you’re right, my experience was with posts that had already been published and that I was trying to edit, something that I do quite often.
    In those cases you do are walked out of the post. I guess that’s a problem I have.
    Question: Does the autosave works when the post is already published?

    Hmmm.. Still not seeing the problem here, it works the way I would expect it to work. Another screencast showing editing an existing post:

    No problem here. I’m guessing a few people are learning details about changes in 2.5 (I know of at least one for sure).

    Otto42: Believe it or not, when I’m into a published post and I hit save I am taken out of the editor page.

    I too am now taken out of the editor when I save…

    But I have a different question. I used to use the save and continue editing feature to update a long post throughout the morning. Does that screw up the RSS feed or the blog flow or is it otherwise bad blogging protocol to do it that way. I basically have a longish list of links every morning and I like to update the post as I find the links… so is that bad form?

    I have also looked for a plugin that will time stamp a paragraph within a post… anyone heard of such a thing?

    you can see it at my site under the heading Newsrack:



    PS The Save feature does seem to work now… sorry. My protocol question still stands…

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