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WP 2.5 Post Slugs (32 posts)

  1. mortifer
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I had a problem where I could not edit post slugs, because nothing happened when I hit the save-button.

    The reason was WP Security Scan plugin version 2.3. After I disabled it, I was able to edit the slugs.

    Just my 2 cents, if anyone else experiences a similar problem.

  2. bdirty
    Posted 7 years ago #

    The issue people are having with the post slug change is rather simple to understand yet it seems to be just getting brushed off. The issue is that when you update the permalink the guid field in the wp_posts table does not get updated. What is expected is when you change a permalink it is changed period. None of this oodles of revisions that now only display the new updated data with the old permalink.

    Just touching on the issues this creates it causes a number of plugins and custom php work to fail because it relies on this field actually being updated but it never does. Below I will give an example.

    Default install create hello-world which is accessable at

    Now user changes the permalink to

    This is where the issue shows itself.

    Browse to http//host.tld/YYYY/MM/DD/hello-world and it still shows

    hello-world no longer exists. If we wanted it to then we would not have changed its name to new-name.

    Hopefully this is fixed and WP gets back to the basic KISS rule since WP is always pushing so hard with the banner across our admin area for us to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and every time we do it busts the heck out of our sites.

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