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  • One thing I really liked about WP 2.3.x was being able to rewrite post-slugs. I’ve put WP 2.5 on my test blog and I can’t see a way to do it. The handy little box is gone. I haven’t found another way to do it.

    As other people have mentioned, I also liked the flexibility of being able to move things around in the write-post section. Some things I never use, so they’re at the bottom. It’s a lot easier. It’s like WP 2.5 went backwards here.

    I think there’s a lot of good stuff in 2.5 and look forward to using it, but until the write page is fixed I’m not downgrading my blog.

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  • The Post (or Page) slug is now displayed as the Permalink under the Title field in writing or editing a Post or Page. If you are using the “Default” Peramlink Settings you will not see and can’t edit the Permalink. Only if you are using a ‘pretty Permalink’ (e.g. Month and name) in Settings->Permalinks will the Permalink be available for edit. When creating a new Post or Page, the Permalink field won’t show up until you complete the Title.

    Ah, I hadn’t set up the permalinks on my test blog. Good to know.

    Unfortunatly, when you edit the post slug it does not change the value in the database. I hit “save” and it does not change the value in the database.
    I tried that with a post already saved, and while creating a post, and the result is the same, even if I edit my permalink, it stays to the standard value.

    My permalink structure /%postname%-%post_id% and it works perfectly fine on 2.3

    almost same problem here. I can’t see the field to edit permalink!

    Is it just me, or do Page slugs NOT appear until after you have published the Page in WP2.5?

    For Posts, the permalink line does appear after entering the title (as MichaelH notes above); but for my Pages, the permalink line will only appear after publishing–then I have to Manage/Edit the Page. Saving, or keeping private do not trigger the permalink line for me.

    Is this unique to my setup, or do others experience this, too?

    In Write->Page, I titled page, “When does the page permalink become visible?”. Then two seconds after I tabbed out of the Page Title the Permalink appeared ready for edit.


    I am not seeing your problem. With your Permalink structure, saved a post, edited post, edited Permalink, saved the post, and the database had the edited Permalink in the post_name column.

    @michaelh, Thanks for checking. I’ll look at plugin/theme compatibility issues.

    @michaelh, I have reconfirmed that the Page slug line does not appear until after publishing the page, and then returning via manage/edit page.

    I tested on a clean install, no plugins, default theme, with a new mysql database on a server.

    As before, the Post plugin line appears as expected.

    This does not work with either IE7 or Firefox.
    This does not work on two different pc’s.
    This does not work on my local WAMP server or the server.

    For me it’s a minor inconvenience; yet I’m curious what may be my problem.

    Try this, set Permalinks to Default, save, logout.

    Set Permalinks to ‘something pretty’, such as by Month and Name, save, logout, then write the page.

    @michaelh, thanks for the tip, but still no joy.

    Since I have to publish with the default WP-generated permalink just so I can trigger display of the permalink display/edit line, will not the feeds already have distributed the default link before I can correct the problem?

    (and I am using the final 2.5 code)

    tibc: Try disabling mod_security in your wp-admin directory.

    Make an .htaccess file in your wp-admin directory. Add this to it:

    <IfModule mod_security.c>
    SecFilterEngine Off

    See if that helps any.

    @otto42: The .htaccess file is in place, as you suggested; but there is no change in behavior.

    For my install of WP 2.5, the slug does not appear for editing if the page being edited is selected as Front Page in Reading Settings.

    Hope this helps.

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