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  • I just upgraded two blogs to WP 2.5 and everything seems to be fine (knock on wood) save one issue:

    Before the upgrade, the login screen on both sites was nicely styled in the default WP login style. But now the login screen for both blog admins are missing all formatting. I didn’t make any changes to the theme (the default for the admin or the public theme itself post-upgrade).

    Any idea what’s going on, or better – how to fix?


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  • Hi – I had the same thing – I deactivated all the plug ins and that seemed to fix it – It was then a case of restarting each one and checking which one caused the problem

    I am having the same problem, even with my plugins deactivated.

    I have the same problem here. It’s quite simple to understand: the login screen is using the wrong CSS. There is a login.css in de wp-admin/css folder but that one doesn’t seem to get used. You can hard-code the URL to login.css, but it’s not the most elegant way to solve the problem.

    I’m having this problem as well, Again, I have deactivated the only plugin I was running, Akismet, and nothing has helped. How would you go about hard coding the login.css?? I’m ok with code but relatively new to WordPress. Cheers

    I figured it out for my site. I tried disabling all plug-ins and it didn’t work either, so this is what I did to get it working without hard-coding the URL into the wp-login.php page:

    1. Open wp-login.php in your base directory (or the directory containing your blog)
    2. Add ‘css/login’ to line 38 (should be line 38, I haven’t edited this file since installing):

    From this: <?php wp_admin_css(); ?>

    To this: <?php wp_admin_css('css/login'); ?>

    3. Save it/upload it and you should have a formatted login screen. Not sure if mine displays exactly as it should, but I can’t find pics of the 2.5 login screen anywhere to verify.

    I hope this helps!

    Ok, this is a possible solution although not entirely correct if you compare it to the demo site here.
    I installed WordPress in a subdirectory. Maybe everbody with this problem did the same?

    Cool thanks very much, I’ll try this when i get the chance. Sort of got a half fix by adding a link to the login.php file linking to the login.css file but it only worked for the top half of the login screen so the register links are still left aligned. Ill get back to you on this method!

    <link rel='stylesheet' href='' type='text/css' />

    Yeah your method does the same thing without have to use this code. thanks!

    So then this seems to be a WP2.5 bug, no? Seems strange considering the fact that this one is so hard to miss.

    Does anyone know if it’s been submitted to the dev team?

    I’d say this is supposed to be like that…

    Ok, this is a possible solution although not entirely correct if you compare it to the demo site here.

    That’s now the 2.6 Demo site though. The actual code of the page looks slightly different where the Register | Lost your password links are.

    I installed WordPress in a subdirectory. Maybe everbody with this problem did the same?

    I installed WordPress in the root of my site and got this problem.

    @marko, you’re not serious are you?

    @mrtnhndrkx You were right, the 2.6 demo login looks exactly the same as the 2.5 login should.

    I notice there are two css files, one is the login.css and the other is colors-fresh.css.

    In my login page the Register/Lost password links are separated with <ul> but in the demo login they are in a <p>. I’d say we have the wrong files for some reason.

    I’m going to try replacing my wp-admin folder (again). Maybe this will fix it.

    I replaced my wp-admin folder, which wasn’t the problem.

    It turns out that the newest version of wp-login.php was not in my blog’s base directory. I guess it didn’t get overwrittern properly when I upgraded via FTP

    Try this:

    1. Backup the files in your blog!
    2. Clear out the files (not the folders) in your blog’s base directory. Don’t delete wp-config.php or you will have to re-enter all of your database information. Be careful not to delete other files you have placed in there as well, such as a favicon.ico or google hosted service pages, etc.
    3. Download WordPress 2.5 again (just to be sure it’s current) and upload all of the files (again, no folders) in the /wordpress directory.
    4. Check out your /wp-admin folder and if it worked, you will see the newest version of the login screen

    That’s how I got mine working. It was probably a problem due to FileZilla not overwriting all of the files for some reason.

    I tried doing the same thing aka.calisto posted. That hasn’t worked for me either. I removed all my files from the base directory and reuploaded them. I still have no formatting on my login screen OR admin panel. Anyone have any other suggestions?

    Mine is a fresh installation after I had issue of a messy upgrade. This was done on a new database. Deleted all the old files from the root and uploaded the 2.5 files. Installation went well but I am unable to get the styles working on the Admin as well as User pages.

    Kindly suggest possible solutions. TIA.

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