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  • Resolved Paula B


    If someone tries to comment in my posts he see the message “Sorry, comments are closed for this item.”

    I´m sure I allow people to comment in all my posts, and I´ve confirmed this in the database too. This problem started when I upgrade my wordpress to version 2.5

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  • Are you using the “Add Your Own Headers” plugin? Some one posted earlier with a similar problem but resolved after disabling the plugin.

    No… And I tried to deactive all plugins, but the problem persist.

    The problem is in Wp 2.5, cause I returned to the version 2.3.3 and now it´s everything working fine…

    I am having the same issues.

    I have a tried a ton of stuff to try to get the “Sorry, Comments Closed” message to go away.

    • Validating my pages, fixing validation errors
    • Tested in Safari, IE, Opera and Firefox. IE gives me an error page, no message
    • Checking commenting for the whole site
    • Checked commenting on a per post basis
    • Searched WordPress Forums
    • Searched the Web
    • Upgraded all plugins that needed it, deleted unnecessary plugins
    • Reverted back to the default theme
    • Upgraded testing environment to WordPress 2.5 final, but can’t replicate the problem

    Good to know that someone else tried to deactivate all plugins before I tried that. I won’t assume that will work. I also don’t have the “Add your own headers” plugin.

    Can anyone else replicate this problem and help solve it???

    I fixed my problem.

    This is what I was able to do. By tracing the functions backwards, and their calls, I found that file wp-includes/comment-template.php stopped at line 327. The new file stops at a line count of 768. I replaced all the files in that directory, and that seemed to fix things.

    Here is my blog post about the other stuff I tried.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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