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  • Upgraded to WP 2.5. Everything works fine, except for one thing: I can’t add images to a post any more! When I click on the ‘Add an image’-icon and then choose a file to upload, WP actually DOES upload the file, but I can’t click on it in the Gallery OR Media Library. In the Gallery, I get the following error:

      Line: 77
      Char: 29
      Error: Object expected
      Code: 0
      URL: …/wp-admin/media-upload.php?type=image&tab=gallery&post-id=-1206882734

    Also, I get the message:

      “Specified file failed upload test”.

    Anybody know what’s happening? I tried Firefox, and switched off all my plug-ins, but that didn’t help.

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  • Found another topic on this problem:

    I get the same message, but file is uploaded! (in three sizes!)

    I’m getting frustrated by this… I wish I never upgraded to 2.5 this problem makes posting with pics a drag!

    I’m assuming it’s just buggy, because if this is the way forward then someone needs to take a big step back and consider whats changed.

    From what I can see adding images is now harder, with less control. I used to be able to align and size the images when I added them, now I no longer have that control (using class instead of align=)… not to mention that the image upload itself doesn’t work either.

    Finally I have managed to clear my problems with the media upload and posting in WordPress 2.5! thanks to a mix of possible solutions, this is what I did.



    1) htacces in website-root should contain:

    <IfModule mod_security.c>
    SecFilterEngine Off
    SecFilterScanPOST Off

    2) chmod settings for uploads folder set at: 755

    3) In your admin goto: Settings => Miscellaneous.

    set ‘Store uploads in this folder’ to: wp-content/uploads (do not put a ‘/’ after uploads)

    Leave Full URL path to files BLANK.

    4) IE has specific known issues. Download these two files, replace them in your WordPress installation: Download at:

    Download the file, unzip and copy the two folders over the exiting folders, it will replace two files with a ‘,’ issue that makes IE7 act up.


    These steps solved the problems with Adding media in the new WordPress 2.5 for me.

    I’m Using Windows Vista and IE7, I really think that there are no server issues for most of the users that cause problems with the media uploads. Probably steps 3) and 4) are the most important!

    Hope it helps for others!

    By the way, the 2.5 is a pleasure to work with, and a great leap forward!
    Hopefully all users get there problems fixed, it’s worth the trouble.

    Marcel van Leeuwen

    Good info but I’m done hacking code in fast changing environments. I quess what you’re basically saying is that image upload in 2.5 does not work (yet).

    yep this is the last issue i’m having with 2.5 thus far. everything else seems to be in order and working great. but this image gallery upload issue still exists.

    and i don’t want to do some htaccess hack to get it to work. Also, I get the message “Specified file failed upload test”.

    nothing happens. i can’t upload multiple files and even when the single file does upload (despite the file failed message), I can’t click on Show nor view the image.

    it’s weird and i hope at least some acknowledgement of what’s going on comes.

    That seems to have helped with IE7 but the problem still occurs in Opera

    i did the file changes but not the htaccess change. it fixed my upload problem but i now get “Http: Error” when trying to upload. do i REALLY have to do the htaccess change?

    i heard it leaves an exploit.

    Yeah, IE7 (maybe 6 too, not checked that) needs the two files in here to work!

    Use the Image Manager plugin. It’s far superior.

    What a pain! I have an image problem in WP2.5. I can upload but when I try to add an image from the gallery to my post nothing happens when I try to click the image I want to add.

    I tried to upload and add the 2 files for IE7 but my Windows XP blocks them and won’t let me open the zip file.

    I also tried to use a plugin Image Manager but I can’t figure out how to use it. I don’t see it displayed anywhere to use after uploading it and activating it. The one I uploaded is “Flexible Upload” by By Antoine Choppin. What is another plugin that would be better?

    Each of these problems seems to have a different cause. Mine was self-inflicted.

    I recently capitalized the first letter of the URL in the “Settings, General” tab.

    When I switched it back to lower case my image pasting ability returned.

    It’s an easy one to try.

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