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  • When I try to edit a text widget, it just disappears. I can “add” another text widget to the sidebar but when I go to edit, it also will just disappear.
    Anyone have a solution to this problem?

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  • I have exactly the same problem. Any pointers would be useful.

    Just to clear up the obvious question, my site’s theme is a hacked version of 281. And I see that scobb77’s theme is Floralicious designed by SiteInspiration.

    Ok, this seems to be an IE problem. I downloaded Firefox and went to edit my text widgets and it worked without a problem.

    It would be nice if anyone comes up with an IE fix for this problem.

    oh, and thank you johnbakeronline! I hadn’t thought about it possibly being the theme that I was using.

    I don’t have a copy of IE. I only use Firefox (v. and the problem remains.
    Perhaps it is intermittent?
    It seems urgent to find a solution though.

    I don’t have the problem in FF. In any case:
    1) After clicking “add”, first say “apply changes” (or whatever it says) in the sidebar part where the active widgets are and then edit your widget.
    2) There is a fix for the widgets that lose a part when you try to change. See this thread, third post.

    Thanks for replying, Gangleri, but can you say some more? I get exactly the same view of the Design/Widgets screen in IE as I do in Firefox.
    I have no problem adding a widget. If I click ‘Add’ the widget moves over to the right.
    My problem is as described above in the first post on this page. Among the ‘text widgets’ and ‘rss widgets’ on the right, if I go to edit them (click on small ‘edit’ button on the right of each widget) they open and show the contents. At the bottom of the now opened widget, on the left-hand side, are two further buttons. ‘Change’ which simply closes the widget, and ‘Remove’, which removes the content of the widget.
    Neither of these seem to help me.
    So I edit the contents of the widget, remove or add characters and then save the changes.
    When I look at my site after doing that, usually, but not always, the entire contents of the widget I have worked on have disappeared.
    When I go back to Design/Widgets and reopen the widget in question, it is empty.

    Ah, you’ve got an even other problem which I didn’t have, but I read about it. Can’t find that thread though… I believe that it helps if you apply names to the text widget and it might also help to have a not-text widget between two text widgets.
    In any case, be sure to “add”, “save changes” and only then start to edit. Click “change” and “save changes” again.
    There is a thread somewhere with ideas about preventing text widgets to become black after editing.
    (Btw. don’t you happen to have a cache plugin running, that could also explain a few things?)

    Thanks Gangleri
    I’ve read further in the forums and there seems to be a real problem which we might have to wait to be fixed.
    I’ve given names to the text widgets. Hope that helps. I’ve also avoided putting one text widget next to another.
    I’ll continue to look for the thread you couldn’t find.
    I don’t have a cache plugin.

    Adding titles to the widgets does seem to fix the problem, also if you edit the text widget, change nothing and then press cancel the widget will be cleared, very weird. However, the reason I didn’t add titles in the first place was because I didn’t want a title to be shown on the sidebar. Any ideas on how to disable the display of a title, but have it there anyway?

    Bull3t: I am wanting to know the exact same thing… how to hide title on sidebar, but have the title show up in admin panel (so you can see which widget is what rather than having 10 labelled “text”).

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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