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  • hi

    have WP 2.1.3 running locally

    uploading images there is a ‘Show Thumbnails’ option

    sticking WP 2.3 on our server and migrating the dev version across I find there is no ‘Show Thumbnails’ option

    is this some server permissions issue


    has make thumbnails fallen off WP 2.3?

    I notice in WP-admin for 2.1.3 there are various upload php files that are not there in WP 2.3



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  • I installed WP 2.3 and I can upload iamges just fine. Once uploaded there is no radio button for the thumb. The thumb does not get created at all. The image does get uploaded however so the permissions are fine.

    I was really hoping that 2.3 would have better uploading capabilities for the creation of thumbs and that the size of the thumbs would be a admin pref, not the manual editing of image.php

    Nonetheless, the thumbs are not even being created.



    I can upload fine & it sizes images in posts – but they are just the source image

    is there any documentation of changes to WP to account for this sudden and fairly major

    in the meantime – what needs doing with ‘image.php’?



    Does your server have GD installed?


    I noticed reference to gd in ‘image.php’

    does in come out the box with with WP or php

    if it was there – where would it be



    It’s not really part of either.

    It’s typically already on servers, but I recall having to have it added to some in the past…


    I’ve mailed my ISP but as its just done 9pm guess will get resolved Monday

    thanks for help



    gd has been switched on &

    issue now appears resolved

    maybe the WP documentation could be clearer on what php modules etc need to be place

    anyway thumbnails work in WP 2.3 if you have relevant php bits switched on

    thanks for the help


    Have GD enabled but nontheless no thumbnail etc. option

    Anything else that could be missing

    Thanks Thomas

    If the images are too big (I’m not sure what the limit is) you’ll not get the thumbnail option. Try uploading a smaller image to eliminate this as the cause of the problem.

    Nope. The size doesn’t do any difference. The uploaded images are not even displayed as tumbnails in the upload section.

    Ther is something missing I’m sure. But what? A javasript? ..

    Any ideas?

    Thanks Thomas

    Update: it’s related to podPress the plugin. Just need to figure out how tot get both running

    well, i´m trying everything but the only answer i got was:
    Warning: Missing argument 2 for podpress_wp_get_attachment_metadata() in /www/raw47/public_html/mojo/blog/wp-content/plugins/podpress/podpress.php on line 406




    This is supposed to be fixed in version 8.7



    I am having the same problem of thumbnails not being created. GD is installed and operational on my server and I have tried different image sizes to no avail.

    I updated to PodPress 8.7 and images now show after I upload them. But, I don’t have the option to create a thumbnail. Only file name or full size image.



    I’m having the same problem (with PodPress 8.8). Whenever I want to upload images, I have to deactivate PodPress and then reactivate it after I’m done. Might just find a new podcast plug-in if it can’t be fixed because it’s annoying to keep doing this.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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