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    I upgraded recently to WP 2.2, then reverted back to 2.1.3 as it wasn’t working well with my theme (K2)… then the problems started.

    First of all I couldn’t get into Admin, WordPress was telling me I “didn’t have the right permissions”, so I spoke to my host (Dreamhost) who had done the installs and to be fair have been great, but even they’re stumped now!

    They “downloaded and ran that force-upgrade.php script” and that enabled me to get into wp-admin, but now I only have 2 options along the top of the WP-Admin page; ‘Dashboard’ or ‘Profile’. The other worrying thing is that the most recent posts and edits to the site don’t appear to be there. On their advice I have reinstalled WP2.2 and that’s reverted me to the K2 vs 2.2 problem;

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_active_module() in /home/.minie/trailofants/ on line 186″

    I think this has to do with a plug-in to disable the widgets in 2.2 but I can’t do anything in admin due to just the “Dashboard” and “Profile” options being available. I have very limited knowledge of all this, only started in Feb 07 so I haven’t done anything in the background other than use Dreamhost to upgrade, then revert, then upgrade.

    If I haven’t explained anything or you need me to clarify anything then please just ask as Dreamhost and I are completely stumped and we’ve been in contact throughout the day! My site is but doubt you’ll see anything other than that ‘fatal error’.

    Here’s hoping someone can help…


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  • whooami



    I’d like to reference this post,

    Yeah thanks for that Whooami, I admit I was a bit hasty in that response and the forum isn’t the place. Apologies all round.

    Is there anyone who can make a genuine suggestion as my site is completely paralyzed.


    Just as an update to this, I’ve manually deleted the K2 theme from my themes folder so at least that sidesteps the “fatal error”.

    WP-Admin is still only giving me two options; “Dashboard” and “Profile” meaning I can’t actually do anything to my knowledge. I’ve had a look in my FTP and there’s 4 directories under (my site);

    I’m just wondering if that’s anything? Other than these forums, is there anywhere I can turn to as the site, and all it’s work is currently down and my host and I are stumped?

    Thanks again

    If you reverted back to 2.1.3, and THEN trouble began it means you didn’t revert back correctly, or so I believe. You must have intact: copy of MySQL database backup, at the moment before you made the upgrade; and copy of all of your files at the same moment. You delete the new files, copy old ones; then you restore the database; and after that, your website should be exactly as it was before moving to 2.2; if it’s not then there’s a wrong step somewhere, or so I believe… Maybe someone with more experience can help with this… 🙂

    Thanks lelion, I used Dreamhosts OneClick install to upgrade, then communicated with them and they did the downgrade, thens subsequently suggested i upgrade again using the OneClick.

    Is there anywhere I can look to see if a file is missing to help out how to resolve this? I’m fearing I’ve even stumped the experts on this forum as well!

    Any suggestions welcome, and of course full credit given on what was fast becoming a really popular travelogue!


    I do not trust anything which starts with ‘One-click-something’ 😉

    Not that it won’t work, no. It will, most of the times. But the point is that when dealing with automatic backups / upgrades / etc., you do not have any control on what exactly happens, and this is important. *If* something wrong happens, you can (having full control) make the necessary steps to fix thing; if all is automatic, then you do not know what happens…

    I use DreamHost and I am pretty happy (for now) with their service. I have 2 WP blogs installed… err, no, actually, 4, but I did manual install, and I try to make complete backups of MySQL and files before any upgrade.

    OK, for now, I’d suggest to ask DH support — ask them if they have a ‘snapshot’ of your system, say, 3 days old (I guess, trouble began AFTER that, right?) If they have, ask them to restore it. It should restore things to back as they were before you tried the upgrade to 2.2!

    It should restore files & MySQL.

    If this doesn’t help, then you may try to ask them if they have backups of: MySQL database 3 days old; and files for your wordpress, 3 days old. You may want to try a delete of current files + mysql, and then restore the WP from these 3 days backups.

    How does this sound to you?

    PS You might wanna know this as well:

    DreamHost keeps special backups (‘snapshots’ of your files), in the main dir of your acount. It’s called .snapshot, more info:

    Now, this is about your files. There you might find intact copy of your WordPress before the upgrade! Remains only to know where the MySQL backup they made before the one-click-install of WP 2.2! (ask them)

    Having the intact version of WP files AND the MySQL database, can produce miracles and restore the WordPress you had ‘as it was’, which would be very nice:)

    Hope this helps, keep us updated!

    PPS You website now works, as I see, with default theme installed?… 🙂

    It sounds better than anything I can come up with, if a bit ‘scary’ for a newbie. I’m learning though! 😉

    I’ll email DH Support now with your suggestion, fingers crossed. You’re right, the trouble started in the last 3 days. Is it easy to install WP manually then? And how do I backup the MySQL- silly question?

    Is it the MySQL that gives the options I’m missing in WP-Admin i.e. presentation, plug-ins, write, manage etc?

    If it comes to it, is there a step-by-step guide to manually installing WP anywhere as I am really new to all this, and it is a bit daunting in some respects (which is one of the reasons i opted for DH and there OneClicks!).

    Thanks for all your help so far lelion, really is appreciated.

    ps. just posted that last message at the same time, so I’ll look into your suggestion on that as well (I feel progress coming!)

    pps. just noticed your pps- the site does display now as I manually removed the conflicting K2 theme from my FTP (K2 and 2.2 don’t fully comply yet). But the problem lies in WP-Admin where the options are limited to just “Dashboard” and “Profile”, so I’m no actually able to make any edits to my site at all, essentially it’s frozen in time!

    If you do not see any other options in your profile in wp-admin, maybe there are files missing?…

    Anyway, let’s make one thing at a time.

    Yes, to install WP manually is not a big hassle, you just need one MySQL database (data you must have: name-of-database/user/password/host), you need to upload then the WordPress files to the server, and you can install WP after that, running the WP install.php script:)

    Yes, there are tutorials on that, use Google, or use the WordPress ‘DOCS’ link on top, you can read a lot on this here at! 🙂

    The database can be backuped easily, too, I use a plug-in for that (I’m too lazy to do it from the PHPMyAdmin, I guess;-), here’s a link:
    …the author discontinued support for his WordPress Database Backup plugin (wp-db-backup), but read on, apparently there’s a new home for this plugin now:)

    (I still use slightly older version, works for me, in WP 2.2, too:-)

    Regarding K2, yes, if it conflicts with WP 2.2, simply don’t use it (for now), use default theme:)

    Hope this helps, crossing fingers that you can have your blog back soon intact, after that – we’ll see 🙂

    Meanwhile, read as much as you can – how to backup WP files and MySQL, how to install it, how to make a safe upgrade, etc. 🙂

    Here at WP forums also there are lots of people who’d like to help and give some of their time for that purpose:)


    Lelion, just wanted to say thanks for taking this on. My site is almost back to normal, just a couple of minor issues to iron out. Really appreciate the effort you put in, and now I can actually edit my site I’ll tell the masses of your kind acts.

    To sum it up, DH restored my MySQL from a few days back and I reinstalled 2.2 and K2 with a widget disabling plug in. I lost all the styling on my site, but that was a drop in the ocean compared with if I’d lost the content! Still, silver lining is I’ve learnt a lot from the experience.

    Once again, thanks a lot… a very relieved, Ant

    No problems, Ant,

    It was my pleasure to be able to put my modest two cents into the solving of your trouble! 🙂

    I’m glad things are going back to normal with your website!

    BTW, I hope, after DreamHost restored your MySQL database, you upgraded after that first using your previous version of the website (the 2.1.x-forgot-the-number)?

    I mean, if your MySQL is a few days old, it means, it’s the database from 2.1.x, right? Then you must use the wordpress files from 2.1.x, too. After you restore the website to ‘how-it-was-before-2.2-upgrade’, then you can safely upgrade to 2.2, and everything will be perfect after that:)

    Anyway, I believe this is how you did it together with DreamHost:)

    If you need any more help, feel free to ask at the WP forums again:)

    My face just dropped! You lost me? It all seems to be running ok, apart from a couple of issues I’ve spotted and posted on a new thread. My head is sppppinning from all this, haha! What happened was, DH told me how to restore my MySQL and then reverted me back to WP 2.1. I then upgraded to 2.2 and everything appears ok, apart from I lost all the K2 Sidebars (rebuilt them now) and edits/posts from the last week or so and the issues I have in that other thread.

    ps. I’ve honoured you with a leading role in my first post since being back online, check it out when you get a sec.

    DH told me how to restore my MySQL and then reverted me back to WP 2.1. I then upgraded to 2.2 and everything appears ok

    Look, if you reverted to 2.1 (both wordpress files and MySQL backup), and after that you have upgraded to 2.2, then everything is OK! Definetely and completely OK, so stop worrying! 🙂

    PS Read your tale, almost died from laughing… Thx for the funny reading! You’ve got talent at telling stories, believe me! 🙂

    PPS I guess, you might now want to mark this thread as ‘resolved’ 🙂

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