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  • Hello, I am working with WP 2.2 and have issues with the visual editor when editing comments. The editor works fine for Posts, and Page edits. However, the comments editor shows only as code view.

    I have disabled the CSS style sheet and noticed that the buttons to switch between code and visual are there. These however do not show up when CSS is enabled (firefox feature). I have tested the comments edit page with IE 6 and FF. both don’t work.

    It seems that the javascript is not running properly on the “wp-admin/comment.php” file but runs fine in the “wp-admin/post.php” and “wp-admin/page.php” files. I am new to word press so I don’t know my way around the code yet. Both the post and page edit pages allow you to switch between code view and visual view. The comment page shows the editor in code view and does not give you the option to switch between code and visual views.

    I have noticed the following differences in HTML output between the post/page php files and the comments.php file:

    Some of the javascript calls in the head section of the html do not get included in the comments page.

    among other calls.

    I have also found that the following were definitively not included in the commments.php HTML output:


    These appear to be the javascript files for the editor.

    In further investigation, I hard coded the two javascript calls mentioned above in the admin-header.php file and the visual editor works in the comments edit page.

    These are missing in the edit comments page:

    However, hard coding these in is not the right way to do things.

    Even further down my exploration, I found that the wp-includes/script-loader.php file may not be writing the nescessary script calls on the comments edit page. Any suggestions how to fix this? Thanks

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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