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  • I just updated to 2.2 and I have two issues now:
    When someone comments on one of my posts, I get a notification-email as usual but the body is empty/blank. Usually the content says, Author, Email, URL and so forth, but now the notification emails are completely empty. The subject is still the same ie: [Petersen Inc.] Comment: “Spock – The People Search Engine”

    The other problem is when I comment on my own blog from Firefox. The page goes blank when I press Submit Comment and the comment isn’t posted. It works fine in Internet Explorer 7.

    I am using MySQL 4.1 and WP 2.2.

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  • Let me add that all notification mails are empty. Including everytime I get a pingback.

    I am also experiencing the same problem after I upgraded to WP2.2. Under Options > Discussion I have “Email me whenever: Anyone posts a comment (and) A comment is held for moderation” both checked.

    The emails have the same appearance in my mail client as before the upgrade, e.g.:

    Subject: [my site] Comment: “Post Title” (or) [my site] Please Moderate: “Post Title”
    Sender: Name
    Date: Date

    Yet the body of the email is blank/empty.

    Do I need to try re-uploading a certain WP file?

    Problem: On registration blank emails were being sent.
    Resolution: Upgrade WordPress Database Backup to version 2.1.2 The previous version caused my problem.

    If this does not work for you try deactivating all plugins and one at a time activate the others to isolate your problem.

    I hope this helps.

    I upgraded the WP Database Backup plugin and that did the trick!

    Thank you, takbax.

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