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  • I notice that since 2.1.3 upgrade, the back door pages where we update pages, and create posts are slower. Some plug-ins don’t work like the WYSIWYG editor. I’m frustrated, don’t know where to start troubleshooting.


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  • I am having similar problems. I just upgraded to the new version. Before the site and all admin sections were slow, now they are even slower!! I just had an edit page take over 99 seconds to show up. Sometimes the time it takes is much longer than how long it reports. I never had this problem before I upgraded to 2.1.2 and up. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    I started having the same problem at about 8am est. are you on godaddy by any chance? I just went through all my sql tables, analyzing and repairing them, optimizing etc. I did install the wp-cache that only made thing worse. It seems more server side, in the sql tables than anything…very odd.

    Had a problem like this last week, before the upgrade, godaddy couldn’t make anything out of the sql errors i was getting, but next thing you know, all was fine again…grrrr, i’m super frustrated.

    don’t use the wp-cache plugin on godaddy. I too have godaddy and every time I’ve used that plugin it messes up and doesn’t let me on the site half the time. I think its one of the things they have set on shared servers that doesn’t let you use it. If you want to use a cache method, use the one where you put something in your wp-config file. If you do a search you can find it on here. I haven’t had a problem with it yet.

    As for speeding up things, try re-uploading the wordpress files. Then open up he index.php file in the wp-admin folder. there are three div sections on there that pull in outside stuff on your dashboard. remove those. those are rss feeds that you can just subscribe to using google reader or something. After I did all that, everything seemed to speed back up. Hopefully they will look into the slowness when they release the next version.

    I’ve been having similar trouble since upgrading to the 2.1 branch. As soon as I activate a third plug-in (regardless of what it is) my plug-in management page stops loading completely. I just get the intro paragraph and then no list of plugins. I ended up having to deactivate plugins by changing their file name.

    Everything else is slow and the wysiwyg editor doesn’t work.

    Is there is a server issue? I’m not using godaddy (using doteasy).

    Using 2.1.3 (and 2.1.2) I’ve had what I presume to also be server issues (also on GoDaddy). This is most obvious in that delicious times out (408) where trying to post my daily links. Anyone got any ideas on speeding it up?

    My site ( is hosted at – and until recently It’s been a NO-problems-what-so-ever-experience.

    However, lately I’ve experienced a number of occasions (5-6-7 times) with very slow response-times (several minutes). it has been both when logged into WP and from “outside” browsing the site as any odd user – both when logged in and not.

    The hosting company says “no problems at our end”, and apart from general distrust to hosting companies I have no reason to doubt them. And until now, they been very helpfull, but their support stops at “It’s probably a wordpress- or plugin-issue” (and they are not supporting applications on top of the web-hotel)

    The only clue I can find is that IE sometimes says “connecting to in the status-bar in lower left corner (When in WP-Admin at the “Handle Posts” tab of the Admin page

    I’m NOT a programmer (or anything even close), I’m at the “can change some minor details in the existing code”-level! I’ve been through the code of all my plugins – and no where can I find any reference to

    SO: Should I expect WP to be relying on blenza or ……… where to look?

    Please be gentle 🙂 if I’m missing something obvious…….

    If the only answer is “upgrade WP” could anyone point me to a totally bullet-idiot-proof step-be-step-guide to do it?


    I’m on WP 2.1.3 in Danish with these Plugins:

    Akismet 2.0
    All in One SEO Pack
    email users 2.2
    FeedBurner Feedsmith 2.2
    Google Sitemaps 2.7.1
    Hello Dolly
    SnapShots Plugin 1.3
    Ultimate Google Analytics 1.5.3
    WP-Print 2.11

    I’m on WP 2.1.3
    You should urgently upgrade to 2.2.2! – that has nothing to do with WP. Is that in your theme? Has your site been hacked?

    This should help:

    I don’t think I’ve been hacked (only shit Ive notices is that the site and admin from time to time is sloooow. But then again: If nobody is tampering with my content – how would I know If I’ve been hacked (just asking ….. I’m not techie in any awy) …… what kind of traces should I be looking for?

    I dont know about blenza …. But I can’t find ANY reference to it in the code of either the plugins or the theme (which is “grayed-10” +/- my own fiddling with it.)

    Thanks! is in the header.php of your theme (approx. line 4 or 5)

    I got another I don’t know what is

    <head profile=”″>

    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

    Why would I wan’t either the thing in my header? …… Can i Just kill’em?

    I haven’t quite figured out what the blenza thing is, but, I don’t think it’s a hacker, but maybe something that came with your theme. Just checking out there’s a wordpress plugin offered and vauguely described there
    but i’m not sure what this has to do with a java thing in your header

    if you’re going to try removing that, just keep a back-up of the theme before making changes. I would remove it, surf your site and see if anything changed.

    the other one about XFN has something to do with the XHTML Friends Network, which is tied into WP’s Links (currently titled with the uncool lingo Blogroll). I think it is an idea that never took off, to me it’s useless, but harmless.

    hopefully someone else can confirm, i think you could remove both

    p.s. definitely get around to upgrading to 2.2.2 when you can


    I figured I’d kill both, so I removed both from the theme, with no apparant issues following. So if it’s stable, I’ll start smiling. Until my neurosis on upgrading kicks in… 🙁 ….. guess I’ll have to get to it!

    Is the no “keep me upgraded” plugin a tech/code-imbecile like me could benefit from – something “plug’n upgrade”-like?


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