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    The new multi-page layout of the User admin sucks.

    I have over 150 users divided into 4 roles: Administrator, Comittee Member, Club Member, and Subscriber.

    What should happen is that I get all the Administrators first, then all the Comittee Members, then all the Club Members, then all the Subscribers, divided up into 50 users per page, and sorted by Username within each Role.

    What actually happens is that on the first page, I get some users for each role. On the next page, I get some more users for each role, and so on.

    This is because WordPress just extracts the first 50 users from the table (unordered), and only then divides them by Role.

    While this system may indeed make it possible to deal with thousands of users, it also means that if you want to find all the users for a particular role, you potentially have to click through dozens of pages to do it.

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