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    Apparently so, as it’s up on right now.

    Just downloaded it. The upgrade instructions page on the Codex hasn’t been updated yet, though – still shows 2.0.7 as the latest release…

    That was pretty good timing since I had just navigated from the download Anyhow, I did the upgrade, just a couple of glitches, however RS Discuss no longer works with 2.1. That’s too bad, I think it was the best forum plugin out there! Hopefully support for the plugin will continue and there will be a fix.

    Try contacting the author and inform him. He may already know about it and have a work around.

    Yeah Samboll, I’ve already dropped them a note to let them know. It’s not terribly screwed and probably an easy fix for the developer. Thanks.

    2.1 IIS Bug ?

    Just installed 2.1 and now I get a “PHP has encountered an Access Violation at” and then a bunch of random numbers.
    I’m using IIS with 4.3.11 ISAPI and MySql 4.1.8.
    It crashed my application pool and any other php apps running on it.

    Was you doing an install or upgrade?

    I did an upgrade and get the following error:
    Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.

    It’s not showing the posts on the frontpage anymore…..

    I installed it on my principle blog and there were so many conflicts with plugins that I reinstalled 2.0.5. I wasn’t getting a WYSIWG toolbar or an upload widget at all. So I think I’ll wait until some of these plugins update for the new release before I install again.

    Also, for some reason it showed ALL my posts on the front page even though I have it restricted to six.

    OK – enough new posts. Start new threads for your problems as this is getting unwieldy fast.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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