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    Hi. Following issue:

    Since I updated to 2.01, my installation behaves “slow”, some details:

    – All plugins are deactivated.

    – When I “publish” a post, the time till all forms are reloaded is between 33 and 46 seconds. No uploads, just a title “test” and one or two lines of “qwert1234 blah” style.

    – When I “save” a post, the time till all forms are reloaded is 13 seconds. I can live with that, though it still is slow.

    – When I use e.g. Google personal homepage and add the rss stream, I often get a time-out. “No rss entries found”. No problem with WP 1.5

    – The server is a professional 100 mbit, linux/apache2 box which does not have massive load and no problems delivering pages or downloads.

    – Loading the index page of my blog (plugins actived) takes 6 seconds, which is ok I think.

    – The complete admin area gives a slowish feeling. No fun working with it (especially when you test around e.g. while developing a plugin: 45 sec. of loading time ?)

    – My line is a 1 mbit DSL (128kbit upstream). No dowloads, donkeys or whatever running.

    – Tested using Firefox

    – another installation (freshly, not updated, same server) behaves the same way.

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  • Check the Update Services box.
    Got pingomatic in there ? Remove it and things will speed up.

    also check out



    Ok, thanks. When publishing it needs 20-30 secs now. Indeed sped up a little, but still not what I’d call quick..



    Agreed. It sped it up a little, but it’s still not what I’d call quick. I’ve run a bunch of different PHP-based forums on my site in the past and they’ve written to the DB in fractions of a second. This thing (yes, WP is a “thing”) seems to get hung up somewhere. Shame that…



    The line

    also check out

    has brought some help. Now I found the time to install the plugin, and now it’s down to 16 seconds, which is at least acceptable. Thanks.

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