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  1. Vistronic
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Hello I use wp 2.0.
    The text editor is bad. It always inserts a P tag, then it messes up strong tags also it will not take or handle br tags where I put them or it puts them. so then I use the HTML editor to clean things up.
    But then if I make a change it regular editor it screws it up again. There must be a way to shut this down and goto 1.5 editor. here is page that shows how it messes strong and tags took a hour on one simple page!

    also the save and continue editting stalls way out 50% time.
    better hit save and works then 90%.

    So far hard to buid site with 2.0 as it stalls and mainly messes formatting!

    That said I like wordpress but this is taking WAY to much time.

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