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  • dss


    Installing WP 2.0 RC1 was exactly the same process as installing WP beta 2. There are no new incidents with the installation, nor with any theme or plugin (that I can see from an initial demonstration.)

    However, there are a number of issues:
    1. The import admin page has a database issue, can not connect because the headers have already been sent. Further, the width of this page looks like a centered 40% width, and something’s definitely wrong.

    2. The upload option from the options menu has now been removed. Rather than having both methods as I had hoped, we now only have the dreary iPhoto style upload organization in the admin/write section. That’s a pretty heavy bummer.

    3. There is a css issue in concert with page reloading. This effects several things which I can see immediately. The first is the highlight of activated or deactivated plugins. The page needs to be reloaded manually after the automatic reload executes in order to see the results reliably. This is also true for the Theme Switcher, and any other CSS related element associated with an automatic page reload.

    Cool things:

    a.) The css has been modified a little further in the admin section. All the links in the dashboard line up nicely, and the font is a little different. Looking better.

    b.) Themes now offer preview images. This will make selecting a theme a visual experience, and not a text based memory game. Nice touch!

    c.) The backup database plugin is lovely, and works very well.


    I still want an option to upload files and images apart from the post.php, and would also appreciate either the ability to browse other folders with the current system, or preferences to set for this system so that I don’t have to have them foldered by month and year in the wp-content folder.
    also, I’d still like the old logo to come back, this new one is not warming on me in the least.
    I am excited for the Tiger Admin theme plugin to be updated for version 2.0, I miss its simplicity and beauty deeply.

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  • Les Bessant


    Agreed on the file uploads thing – the new method removes a lot of control from the user.

    The logo? Yes, I’m not keen on that. I rather prefer these alternatives.

    The admin interface has some good bits. Nice to be able to re-order the various boxes on the right and close the ones you rarely (or never) use. But I’m thought an earlier version allowed resizing – at the moment I have to scroll to see my full list of categories, which is a step backwards in usability.



    Something new I’ve noticed, a 4th issue not mentioned above.

    When testing comments I don’t usually keep them up. Who needs to see me posting a bunch of “test” “testing?” No one. So i typically remove them.

    After removal, RC1 removes the comments link from the index page. Take a look at the index and see that following the category there is not evidence of the number of comments (of which there are currently 3.) It’s simply blank.

    An issue for sure.



    the built in version of akismet errors when i try to go to the options panel:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ksd_config_page() (previously declared in c:\websites\archgfx474\\test\wp-content\plugins\akismet\akismet.php:14) in c:\websites\archgfx474\\test\wp-content\plugins\akismet\akismet.php on line 13



    My “Plugins” page returns a few errors. I’m unable to activate the “WordPress Database Backup” utility. I’m using php5 and the error is in line 90 of /wp-admin/plugins.php with the message: “in_array() []: Wrong datatype for second argument.”

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    The import, Akismet, and plugin problems should be fixed in the SVN repository. Please write bugs for any remaining issues so that we don’t lose track of them.



    I am unable to activate any of the default plugins in RC1. I am using php 5.0.4



    I get this error when trying the upgrade:
    ‘Fatal error: Call to undefined function: glob() in /www/cgi/wordpress/wp-includes/cache.php on line 225’

    Not sure if this is a problem in the code or in my site (what does the function “glob” do?), but nonetheless I thought it might be useful for developers working on it.



    Ryan, I don’t have permission to create a ticket…

    guess it’s time to stop hassling the forum and sign up for the bug trac so i could actually help in some way, hunh?

    will do.



    aBieker – I *think* it has to do with a rather antique version of php or mySQL or something. I remember I saw a post with some mention of this here a week or so back – try doing a search….

    Dalton Rooney


    I continue to have a problem with the wysiwyg editor deleting my posts. I saw it in both betas as well. Time to visit the bug track.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator 🚀



    I failed to upgrade my WP 1.5 to version 2.0. The frontpage returns an empty page.

    Any ideas?




    @pcdinh: Sorry, but did you run /wp-admin/wp-upgrade.php ?



    Yes, I have run that file. It advised me that all work done in 1 step so my blog should work. But unfortunately, it is not the case.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Change your theme ?

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