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  • I’ve just written a post about my experience wp 2.0. It contains praise along with some head scratching “why’d they do that” sorts of comments. I wonder if some forum members might take a look at the post because I want to make sure I’m describing technical aspects of the features correctly. I’d like to make sure I’m explaining issues correctly & that I’m not making other errors. YOu can provide feedback through my blog or here.

    Here are some of the features which imho need revamping:

    1. wysiwyg editor–no toggle button to switch to full html mode; html code is garbled when using html update box; prevents insertion of adsense tag in post box.

    2. cache–the new cache system doesn’t always clear cache when new posts are published; also Post Preview screen doesn’t update either unless you disable cache in wp-config.php

    3. post status–after publishing post WP will sometimes change post status to Private without user having changed it.

    4. post slug–if you save a post in Draft w/o giving it a title, WP will automatically give it a numerical slug whether or not that is your chosen permalink structure

    5. file uploader–cannot insert image display code (including dimensions) for full-sized images into post box; cannot insert code for thumb/full size image display

    6. there needs to be more Codex documentation for these various features explaining how they work.

    This is just a summary. If you have any ideas on how to correct any of the problems I note, I welcome any suggestions. BTW, I’ve posted threads here about most of these issues before writing my post.

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  • I had the same reactions. The WYSIWYG editor does not work well at all. In fact, I couldn’t even get it to apply formatting in Firefox 1.5. I would highlight, click the bold button, and it would flash bold for a brief period before reverting back to non-bold. No idea why. Also, no way to format pictures (float right, for example.) I switched back to ChenPress, which is much more functions.

    Also, file-uploader is worthless. IImageBrowser worked much better, but I don’t have it working in my new 2.0 install. Wish I’d stayed with 1.5.

    Here too. I’m using Safari in Tiger. The WYSIWYG editor doesn’t do anything useful for me. I like the rest of the posting page. I just treat WP’s post page as a place to dump the text for uploading. I do all my editing in another better program with spell checking and then do all my own HTML coding within the posts, upload the images via FTP, etc. The image uploader in WP is buggy and useless. But there are other great improvements. I like WP2.0 overall.

    I am reading the main site … it gives no clue when 2.0 was finally released. It seems there may be several significant issues at present. I am trying to decide if now is the time to update?

    I must say that I find the new layout of the wordpress site confusing and that it doesn’t give me enough information to make solid choices.

    What about plug-ins? Comment spam was a huge problem. Do Spam Karma 2 or Bad Behaviors yet work with the new 2.0? Are they built in? Where is the new feature listing for 2.0. I know RTFM, but I have spent some time looking around and this is very confusing to be honest.

    It was released about 3 wks ago (not sure of exact date).

    I don’t have the link handy right now but there is an article identifying which plug ins are compatible & which aren’t. I think it’s linked from within Dashboard & fr. within my post linked above.

    There is an SK2 beta release for wp 2.0. Seems to work fine for me. Don’t know about BB. Also, there’s a new Akismet anti-spam plugin developed by Matt specifically for WP2. Works fr. diff. premise than sk2, but you don’t have to deactivate sk2 to install akismet. They’ll work together (I think).

    For a link to features, try my blog post linked in the opening post in this thread. I have a bunch of links you might find useful.

    Thank you for your reply. I did find that list of plug-in compatability for 2.0. Now I cannot find it, however. I am coming to this page: that talks about plug-in’s being available for 1.2 and up. (Given that 1.2 had security vulnerabilities, shouldn’t every mention of 1.2 urge people to see a security warning?) Anyway, I am looking for it again. I’ll eventually find it. I am noticing that search appears to be giving essentially bad results. Try searching for your username for example. You will find instances of when you had a post on the front page … but of course you aren’t there anymore because someone else posted. Anyway, great software, but working through the upgrades.

    blockquotecache–the new cache system doesn’t always clear cache when new posts are published; also Post Preview screen doesn’t update either unless you disable cache in wp-config.php/blockquote

    I’ve been searching and searching, but I don’t see anywhere where it explains how to disable cache in wp-config.php

    Help please? 🙂

    Just put this into the file:
    define('DISABLE_CACHE', true);

    6. there needs to be more Codex documentation for these various features explaining how they work.

    Well, the Codex is a community effort – if you figured out certain things and feel the urge to share it with others… go, login/create a profile, and start writing the article.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll consider what I’ve learned about the features since upgrading & see which ones I think I understand well enough to explain to others in Codex. My expertise though is not toward code writing or technical stuff so I’m not sure I’m the best person to do this. But I’ll give it a shot.

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