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  • junap


    Does anyone have a comprehensive list (assuming that the RC is feature-complete) of WP 2.0’s features? The codex has no reference to it at all that I can see.
    I’m currently doing some coding based on WP 1.5.2, but would like to know what the future holds in store before I make any more big code decisions.

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  • Usually reviews are made on final versions, not on betas, so you should wait a little before having any. I assume the Codex will be updated by legions of users and reviews will fall by the boatload once final is out ;o)

    Ryan Duff


    A non-current list of the feature set slated for 1.6/2.0



    Hi, I’m in the same trap. I want to integrate my homepage into my weblog. Is there somebody from the development team who can tell me if a modified “Kubrick” theme which runs under WP 1.5.2 will work with 2.0 without modification?

    And will WordPress 2.0 run on a server powerd with IIS?

    Thank you!

    Themes should work fine unless they are doing some extreme digging in WP internals. Such themes are rare.

    2.0 should run on IIS. I haven’t heard any complaints.



    Given Donncha’s participation, and this may be a very naive question, will 2.0 include multiple blog within a single installation capabilities? Please?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven



    thanks for the quick answer. It’s a nice list but too bad this feature was left off, I think it’s more useful than most of what got in.

    Moderator James Huff


    Volunteer Moderator

    Bill, are you aware of WordPress MU?



    Yes, of course, that’s why I mentioned Donncha’s involvement. However, the fact that it doesn’t (appear to) support standard plugins, there is no documentation and “Only one blog per user is allowed” are more than enough to keep me away.





    I have to agree with bill on this one, a lot of the competition offers this and MU seems more like a hack than a feature.

    dotnature wrote:

    I have to agree with bill on this one, a lot of the competition offers this and MU seems more like a hack than a feature.

    Can you mention any such competition (free) that offers REAL independent blogs, on the level of sub-domains out of the box (similar to blogger/livejournal/typepad)?

    I’d jump and run for it.

    As far as I know MU is the ONLY free blog software that offers fully independent and fully user-customisable (according to what admin allows) multi-blogging solution that is also free.

    I have MU running myself with just a couple hundred blogs. But others, like, are hosting thousands of independent blogs!

    Now tell me what “the competition offers”!!!

    Gappiah: It’s quite straightforward to do this with a symlink. You put your WP files in a master directory somewhere, and then in each wordpress subdomain, you put a symlink called ‘wp’ that points to this master directory. In the “config.php” of the master directory, you just put:

    <?php include($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] . ‘/config.php’); ?>

    Then it’ll grab the custom database credentials for each individual site.

    The biggest drawback is that the uploads directory must be shared among installations. This is because presently WO doesn’t allow you to specify the “actual” and “apparent” upload directories separately from each other. Nor does it let you specify an absolute path… it has to be relative to the wordpress root. Both of these restrictions are silly, of course, and hopefully future versions will remove them.

    Gappiah, I have a step-by-step for how to set up multi-blogging on my blog, including a script to automate all of the setup.

    Multi-blogging made easy

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