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  • when will the WP 2.0 final version come out? is there any time soon? as some of my plug-ins are not “compatible” (found matt’s list), and not sure about my themes…I will get rid of some plug-ins, some I will not, so is there a time range? soon? in a year? in a month? etc…

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  • Well it’s down to an RC1 so it will be pretty soon.

    I realize this probably isn’t the right place to ask these questions, but I couldn’t find the right place! I am considering a blog for our employees and need to verify that Word Press has the following features:

    Comment moderation before posting
    Password protection
    Hosting on company server


    Comment moderation before posting : Yes
    Password protection : Yes
    Hosting on company server : Yes

    Sure, but when is “soon” ?


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    “Soon” = “When it’s ready.”

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    RC1 means what?

    I know most softwares there is alpha version, beta version, and final release (sometimes more than one of the first two)…

    Release Candidate.
    [and now we will close this]

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